Luxe Laps: Mark Lee

Childhood car crush >>

My dad always had Jags as far back as I can remember, and when I was young I always wanted one.

What’s in the garage now >>

Daily drive is a 1995 Land Rover Defender 90 300TDi and the weekend toy is a 2000 TVR Chimaera 450

If you could own any car >>

Probably a TVR Tuscan 2S or Porsche 911.

Captain Slow or Jeremy? >>

In the Land Rover it is Captain Slow, but in the TVR it is most definitely Jeremy!

Who should present Top Gear? >>

I think Chris Harris is doing a great job himself.

Tracks of your tyres >>

I was brought up on MeatLoaf in the car, but anything with a rock or blues vibe is fine – no modern pop though!

Dream road trip >>

Through France to the south coast via the Millau Viaduct and then into Italy, working our way up to the Italian lakes and then heading back home over the Alps.

Who with >>

My wife Lindsey of course!

Memorable car moments >>

Picking up my TVR.

What’s in the glove box? >>

TVR – owner’s manual.

Land Rover – all sorts of junk!

How clean is your car >>

Not very – I’m not that into polishing any more.

Scary moments? >>

Driving home having first picked up the TVR for the first time and flooring the throttle in cold, damp conditions.  How I kept it in anything near a straight line was a miracle.  I was a bit more circumspect for a while until I got used to the light weight and power.