Yes, it’s a burger but perhaps not quite as you know it. A rather luxurious take on the classic burger, which is ideal for the BBQ or as a healthier supper option.

It may be lighter than a beef burger but our fish version packs just as much punch. We craft it from scallops for sweetness and prawns for texture, also adding a little salmon which provides a beautiful colour and flavour contrast. This burger has created a real stir since its introduction to the Saltwater menu.

The options for burgers are endless, dress up or dress down; make them as sophisticated or as straightforward as you like, we take the straightforward approach adding just our homemade relish which we feel allows the natural fish flavours to shine through.

Ingredients for Relish

2tsp caster sugar
1 level tsp white wine vinegar
A pinch of black mustard seeds
A good pinch of celery salt
20ml water
60g red onion
80g cucumber
10g tender celery heart
20g dill pickles
50g red peppers
45g tomato ketchup
45g American mustard
Milled black pepper

Ingredients for burgers

4 x burger buns
50g Scottish salmon fillet
350g king prawns (shelled
100g scallops (without roe)
3 spring onions,
3 fresh red chillies
1 tbls chopped parsley
Juice of half a lemon
Tabasco sauce
Salt and pepper
A few lettuce leaves to dress
A slice or two of beef tomato
Olive oil for brushing


Method for relish

Bring the sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds, celery salt and water to a boil.
Dice the vegetables into small cubes.
Pour the boiled liquid over the vegetables.
Allow to cool, then cover with cling film and chill overnight.
The next day, strain off the liquor and stir the vegetables into ketchup and mustard.
Season with black pepper.

Method for burger

Cut the scallops and salmon into 5mm dice.
Puree the prawns in a food processor.
Thinly slice the spring onions, deseed and finely chop the red chillies.
Stir everything together, adding the lemon juice, a dash of Tabasco and season with salt and pepper.
Divide the mixture evenly into four patties.
Brush each lightly with olive oil and cook in a non-stick frying pan until both sides are golden.
Transfer to the oven at 175°C for 3 minutes until just cooked through.
Split and toast the buns.
Build each with a lettuce leaf, sliced tomato and the relish.
Serve with a generous portion of chips.

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