Rockliffe Hall has launched a wonderful whimsical woodland to charm the little people. Elysia Agnew enjoys a playdate...

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s storybook adventures, Rockliffe Hall has transformed its own woodland into an enchanting hideout that will spark the imagination.

A curious journey through the estate grounds will bring you to this adventure playground where time stands still and the good times roll.

Mischmasch is ‘a wonderland of curiosities’, taking one and a half acres of woodland and creating an enchanting space with six arctic pods nestled beneath the trees, an eco adventure playground and an interactive water feature.

This new escape for mini Rockliffe guests is inspired by the adventures of novelist Lewis Carroll, who spent most of his childhood in the village of Croft, close to the Rockliffe estate, where his father worked as the rector.

German for ‘a disorderly mixture of things’, the name Mischmasch comes from a family magazine written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll in the mid-1800s.

His intriguing world of quirks and curiosities found in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is mirrored in the estate’s new development.

Mischmasch ticks all the boxes when it comes to a family getaway or fun for the kids, offering all kinds of activities for younger visitors. Search for the specially-commissioned sculptures and go on an Alice in Wonderland trail from the hotel to the gardens, check in for downtime in the arctic pods or let off some steam in the adventure playground.

Party pods bring a fresh new concept to Rockliffe. Whether it’s little ones exploring the soft play, teens gaming in the sports pod, or a bit of chill out time in the cinema room, there’s something for everyone in this curiously captivating new space. Grown ups can unwind in the topsy-turvy Rosebud pod, where you’ll find flamingo lamps, patchwork chairs and funky furniture.

The Mischmasch menu includes pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, drinks and afternoon tea packages.

“Mischmasch will offer children and parents a unique interactive experience whilst improving the facilities for all our guests whether enjoying a game of tennis, indoor activities in the pods, and events in the magnificent glasshouse,” says Chairman, Warwick Brindle.

“We wanted to enhance what’s available to our younger ones while also opening up opportunities to hold functions and events in a new setting.”

The magical woodland gets ‘curiouser and curiouser’ as it breaks out into a big open space with climbing frames, tennis courts, and an interactive water feature.

Venture further into the gardens and you’ll find a wildflower nature trail meandering around the outskirts of the development and beyond. A picture-perfect place for visitors to stroll, play and enjoy at their leisure.

Trails will guide visitors through the trees and along the Tees. Stroll along the riverside to Croft, take the leisurely railway loop, pop on your wellies and hike to Hurworth village, or get lost in a woodland stroll through the estate.

Also new to the development is the Glasshouse. A real gem when it comes to new places to enjoy and explore. A grand, Victorian-style greenhouse overlooking the beautiful walled gardens, it’s a bright, breezy addition to the hotel’s events and entertainment space.

The Glasshouse will be holding pop-up events, children’s tea parties and is an additional location for glorious garden weddings.

“Rockliffe Hall is set in the most beautiful grounds and we want to take advantage of this by offering our guests more of an outdoor experience, alongside fishing in the Tees, handling birds of prey, or outdoor concerts,” says Warwick.



“Every adventure requires a first step.”

Be transported to the land of the stars in this intimate and most unusual cinema setting. The box office is bursting with movies to be enjoyed by one and all, with themed food and drinks available too!


“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”

Check in to Comet and enjoy a spot of pool to while away the hours, or perhaps darts with live sports on the big screen.


“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

Discover a cosy chill-out space for rest and relaxation. Curl up with a book from the library, catch up with friends or simply enjoy the surrounding sights and sounds of nature…


“The Jabberwocky came whiffing through the tugley wood, and burbled as it came!”

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“Begin at the beginning, and go on until you come to the end; then stop.”

Explore the curious nature of Rockliffe Hall leaving you smiling like a Cheshire Cat as you soak in the delights of your adventure!


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