Actor Luke Hall went to Chorister School in Durham where he studied classical music. Fast forward a few years and his stage journey started in London...
Luke Hall

Luke was in the cathedral choir and became second head chorister. He then attended Durham School where he started A-Levels before doing a BTEC at Newcastle College. He went on to train professionally in musical theatre in London. He is currently starring in MAMMA MIA! at the Novello Theatre in London.

Luxe people >>

My Mam & Dad. Also Miss Vanjie. Tweet me if you get the reference! @lukeconnerhall

Luxe places >>

For a weekend > I’m rarely able to go home any more thanks to work, so I’d go back for some home comforts.

A long holiday > My best friend lives in NYC and I haven’t even visited yet! That’s definitely a bucket list thing.

A treat > I’d love to go to Australia. I went when I was really young, but I think I could appreciate it a lot more now.

Luxe relax >>

A nice hot bath with a face mask, a hair mask, lots of bath oils, candles and Netflix.

Best food > Sushi! I also have a hummus and pitta bread addiction…

Best wine > I don’t drink wine very often. I drink gin, but prosecco is always a solid choice, with a dash of Chambord.

Favourite restaurant > Nando’s… haha! There’s also a gorgeous pub where I’m from called the Three Horse Shoes, which is so homely and the food is always perfect.

Perfect weekend > At the moment it’s sleeping to be honest. Cover rehearsals have been intense for the show so I think I’ll take some time catching up!

Downtime means > I’m secretly a massive geek, so downtime most likely means time to play video games.

Best telly > I’m currently firmly at the front of the Love Island train, but other than that, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’ve seen every single episode, so I can tell you what happened, who won and who lip-synced and to what song.

Best book > Shameful to say but I don’t read a lot. I do read biographies sometimes and at the minute it’s Sarah Millican’s “How To Be Champion”.

Best sounds > The rain on my window at night.

Luxe shop >>

Best shopping city > I haven’t been anywhere extravagant like NYC, so London.

Favourite shop > ROKIT in Covent Garden and LUSH. Also – charity shops! You never know what you might find.

Luxe retail treat > … something from LUSH (I’m obsessed with the body lotions) or a fresh pair of jeans.

Best buy > My Dr Martens backpack. It’s huge so I can fit my life in it and if I had a quid for every time I got a compliment on
it, it would’ve paid for itself by now.

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > A few years ago alongside my best friend Gail, I hosted and sang at a fundraiser night in memorial of my brother, and we managed to raise over £2,000.

Perfect party > Something cosy with a costume theme, lots of gin, lots of snacks and lots of laughter.

Dinner date > I like fancy places but to be honest, I’d prefer a night in with a takeaway or even being cooked for – that’s kind of nice.

Your luxe thing in life >>

Self-love. I suffer with anxiety as a lot of us actors do, and I’ve recently made a conscious decision to focus and never compare myself to anyone else. I’ve wasted far too much time worrying and I’m done with it!


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