Liv Lorent MBE is the artistic director of award-winning dance theatre company balletLORENT. She is a highly acclaimed choreographer and feminist voice, championing diversity within dance.
Liv Lorent

balletLORENT is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with an exhibition of images and stories from the archives opening in September, and four nights of performance, dance and music, After Dark, in November; both of which take place at Northern Stage. Liv lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her young family.

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My family are everything to me. Not only my partner, children, in-laws and other relatives, but the balletLORENT family who I spend much of my life with. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year and some of the dancers in the company have been with me since the first decade. We have shared a great many experiences and toured together a lot, both across the country and the world, and the ups and downs in these adventures inevitably bonds us closely together.

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For a weekend > My partner Ben Crompton (actor in Game of Thrones) and I and our children love the North, and we might go for a night somewhere in Northumberland, the Lake District, Manchester, Yorkshire or Edinburgh. Somewhere with not too much travel time!

A long holiday > Never been on one. In my dreams, the Maldives..?

A treat > Like most parents of young children, an amazing treat is just having a little time alone together.

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Best food > A really great steak tartare.

Best wine > In summer Picpoul de Pinet, and winter Chateauneuf du Pape.

Favourite restaurant > I love The Stand in Newcastle. It’s a comedy club but they also have a fantastic bistro and a great terrace out at the back. It’s perfect for a family meal. We had our son’s tenth birthday tea there and the staff and the food are so brilliant.

Perfect weekend > Weekends can often mean working, with workshops or touring somewhere across the country with our productions, so a perfect weekend would probably include a lot of relaxation and time with Ben and our children.

Downtime > When I get a moment to sit and enjoy the excellent coffee at Settle Down Café in Newcastle. Caffeine really helps me keep going, and I rely on this wonderful and unpretentious place to help me recharge!

Best telly > Game of Thrones, obvs.

Favourite book > Carol Ann Duffy’s The Lost Happy Endings. It has so much to it as a story, and really kicks off your imagination with regards to re-inventing classic fairy tales and giving them new happy endings. It will be the story for our next balletLORENT production next year.

Best sounds > Murray Gold, our incredible composer who has created the music for Rapunzel, Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. He has done numerous television and film scores too, and is totally at the top of his game. We have all of his Dr Who music on CD.

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Favourite shop > TK Maxx. I grew up wearing clothes from charity shops, so I’m very happy treasure hunting when there might be only one or two of everything in a shop.

Luxe retail treat > I love to see Lynda at Space NK on Grainger St, and inevitably come away with a wonderful something I’ve bought, and a tester for something new. Not only does she have amazing wisdom and patience, and incredible style, she watches all of the balletLORENT productions, and is usually there for the premiere!

Best buy > I like using canvas Man bags as handbags in the summer. Lighter, cheaper and more practical.

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My brother got married in Poland a few years ago. It was amazing to experience the drinking games with great vodka and group singing and dancing. I loved it.

Perfect party > For me, the balletLORENT fundraisers are just the best fun. The dancers really know how to get the party started – and keep it going! For me it’s always the people rather than the place, and whenever my partner, kids and the extended balletLORENT family get together it’s the perfect party.

Best dress > I like my black All Saints dress, which I wore when I went to Buckingham Palace to receive my MBE for Services to Dance in 2014. My daughter was six months old, and I was still breastfeeding and wondering how all that was going to work out, but I managed to stay feeling glamorous that day which was quite a rare experience!

Dinner date > Ben. Or the present Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. (Ben in character and costume!)

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balletLORENT of course…

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