Craig Malarkey is a corporate law specialist advising on various issues business issues at Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm.

I am a corporate law specialist and a partner at Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm, advising on various business issues. The common perception of the legal profession is usually one of two stereotypes; the first is that of stuffy old men in offices surrounded by leather-bound books and being referred to as ‘Mr Malarkey’, the other is of courtrooms, judges, and settlements on the steps of court. At Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm we cut through stereotypes. We have established a knowledgeable, vibrant and youthful team that provides first-rate advice to our clients in all aspects of both their business and personal lives; and hopefully, when working with us, that first stereotype is a long forgotten one.

TBIWhilst settlements will often need to be made, and matters will still need to go to court, it is the goal of our business services teams to provide early advice, support and guidance to our clients, which minimises the need for protracted litigation. Whilst our excellent dispute resolution team is always on hand for such matters, we know that these issues are a distraction from the running of businesses. Everyone reading this who operates a business will have employers’ liability insurance and public indemnity insurance, but do you actually have ‘insurance’ in place for the real core elements of your business? That is where Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm comes in.

By working with our clients and understanding the risks and opportunities within their business, we can determine which are critical; and provide pragmatic legal advice and support ‘insuring’ your business and ensuring its continued success. For example, in my area of expertise, conducting early stage “due diligence” allows us to identify potential issues for our clients. Issues that may either (1) present problems during the normal day-to-day operation and even sometimes lead to litigation; or (2) pose a significant risk to the likelihood of investment, funding or disposal of the business – risks including a reduction on its value, personal indemnities from individuals or a threat to the entire sale itself.

Through partnership with our clients, we are able to not only minimise and mitigate these risks of last minute issues coming out of the woodwork, but also increase the value of a business or company.

As part of our commitment to this, we are launching a series of articles aimed at giving a little bit of insight into this process to business owners and will be following these up with one-to-one exploratory sessions with those business owners who are interested in getting their house in order.

These articles will be published through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages. If, however, you would like to speak me, or one of my colleagues to find out more about the business services we offer, please contact me directly at [email protected] or via our Commercial Solicitors office at Wynyard Business Park – 01740 646000.


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