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Hit the Waves

The good news is you don’t need to be blessed with a naturally wavy texture to master this season’s look – and you can rock this trend on most hair lengths, too.

Hooker & Young

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This new crop of wavy hair looks has taken Hollywood by storm, with A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry all sporting the look.

It’s all about an understated coolness, with less of the ‘glam’ volume, in favour of flat waves and a naturally tousled texture.

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If you’re blessed to have a head of waved-out natural tresses, then we recommend wave enhancing products allowed to dry naturally, then slept on
(yes you heard right – slept on.) Unless you do sleep aerobics, then you should wake with perfect flat waves that simply need shaking through.

Schwarzkopf Professional recently launched a product range called ‘Mad About Waves’ which helps create this look perfectly.

For those who need a little more help on perfecting the look, we recommend using a flat styling iron to create the perfect flat waves. It’s pretty simple. Taking random sections create an ‘S’ bend within the hair and use the styling iron to heat into shape.

Also from Schwarzkopf Professional is ‘Mad About Curls’ which comes in both a cream and a spray and is a great way to perfect the look.

From Oribe styling we recommend the ‘Apres Beach’ spray, which adds the perfect texture and feel to your finished look. These looks definitely scream ‘summer’ and will keep you looking super cool on those gorgeous hot days. Beach anyone?

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with five salons region-wide.