The UK’s first gin-inspired spa lifts the spirits with its new range of tipple-tastic, tailor-made treatments, as Jessica Laing discovers…
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There isn’t much that a gin and tonic can’t fix. The same goes for a really good massage – the kind that kneads away knots and, somehow, manages to melt away a week’s worth of tension in the space of 30 oily minutes.

So, what do you get when you put the two together? Well, exactly what you’d expect – one very relaxing ride.

It appears those clever Scots have answered what I’m sure are many people’s spa prayers; a serene sanctuary, based in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, in which gin and pampering come together as one.

From the guys behind the city’s chic cluster of Gin71 bars, it’s a brand new spa concept, guaranteed to have the country’s beauty and gin-lovers bubbling with excitement; treatments are solely dedicated to the botanicals found in gin and guests are treated to complimentary fizz (gin-infused, of course) throughout their visit.

Don’t get me wrong: the idea isn’t to have you slurring your words or tumbling down the stairs in a tipsy, post-massage haze. The therapists here help banish headaches – not cause them.

Together, you create a bespoke spa journey that’s tailored to you, using JustBe Botanicals’ signature products – all of which are hand-crafted and 100 per cent natural.

Consultations begin with a simple question: how would you like to feel?

Need perking up? Then you might be offered treatments showcasing energising, mood-lifting ingredients such as bergamot and lime, clove and eucalyptus or zingy pink grapefruit, while sleepy souls are dealt more calming herbs like lavender and cedarwood.

And if you fancy a bit of a detox, there are also treatments that celebrate the likes of juniper and geranium – two of nature’s most balancing antioxidants.

Treatments on offer range from full-body massages and hour-long head rubs, to reflexology, mini and signature facials, and luxury manicures and pedicures if you’re after a little maintenance work.

After a soothing cuppa and an in-depth consultation, it’s a case of letting your nose pick your aromatherapy oils (and toner if you’re opting for a facial) and surrendering to a juniper foot soak, or a foot cleanse, made wonderful with toasty hot mitts.

Treatments, which can last from 30 minutes up to an hour, come to a close in the most perfect way; with an ice-cold G&T from the drinks trolley, water if you want it, and even a few squares of devishly-dark chocolate – taking pleasure levels to the max.

And if you’re wanting to make a day of it, or have something to celebrate, be sure to have a nosey at the spa’s collection of impressive packages.

There are around eight to choose from; all tempting thanks to a range of added extras, thrown in to make your experience as memorable as possible.

Things like Afternoon Tea, washed down with a glass of prosecco and a G&T, and arrival cocktails, followed by a five-course, gin-inspired tasting menu, at nearby Gin71.

Whichever one you go for, or however long you choose to stop by and pamper yourself, one thing’s for certain: if you’re a die-hard gin fan in need of escape, this place is just the tonic.

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