With Dave Coulson. This light and sophisticated dish serves up some seriously fresh flavours. Perfect for summer suppers and alfresco dinners.
Carrot Melon Feta

Carrot Melon Feta >>


200g Feta cheese
2 (each) Yellow, orange, purple, and baby carrots
100g Butter
50g Flour
4 x Egg yolk
100g Panko breadcrumbs
100ml Vegetable oil
Wild garlic
Handful Parsley
100ml White balsamic vinegar
1/2 Watermelon
Micro herbs for scattering


Put vegetable oil, wild garlic and parsley into a thermomix and blend until dark green. Pass the oil through a chinois and a J-cloth.

Slice watermelon and vac-pac. Wait 20 minutes then cube.

Cube feta and save half to crumble later. Pane the feta cubes with the flour, egg yolk and Panko. Fry off just before serving.

Peel the coloured carrots and save the orange ones. Create fine strips, vac-pac with white balsamic vinegar and set aside for at least two hours.

Quarter the baby carrots lengthwise. Finely chop orange carrots and add to a pan with a block of butter. Season and let cook until completely soft. Blend in thermomix until smooth and pass it through a chinois.

Swipe carrot puree on a plate, roll up the pickled carrots.

Place watermelon, quartered carrots and fried feta on swipe and crumble feta on top. Add green oil and micro herbs.

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