Iberico pork


Whether you’re making dinner, a romantic meal or hosting friends or family, this dish is perfect for any occasion. Iberico pork is delicious and this recipe is a great way
to serve such a fantastic meat.

Iberico Pork >>

Serves 4


1kg Iberico pork – Pluma

250g brown rice

1 litre vegetable oil

50g diced chorizo

50g diced squid body

50g sliced asparagus

50g shelled broad beans

50g peas

100g tarragon

1 pint of cream

3 gelatine leaves

1 star anise

500g veal stock


First infuse the cream with star anise for 10 minutes

In a blender, whizz the tarragon and add the cream, discarding the anise.

Blend together for three minutes.

Bloom the gelatine and add to the pan.

Return to the pan and cook for two minutes.

Put the mixture into moulds – I used an ice cube mould, but any shape would work.

Warm the vegetable oil to 220c.

Add brown rice bit by bit until it is all cooked; it takes seconds to cook but be careful as it gets VERY hot. Reduce the veal stock to sauce consistency.

Add chorizo, squid and greens and hold until cooked.

Fry the pork in a hot pan with olive oil three minutes either side and leave to rest.

Assemble as shown and enjoy

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