We enjoy a no-frills pizza party in the mouthwatering town of Malton...

Hang out

This is the gourmet town of Malton, which so deserves a visit folks. A foodie dreamworld of a place with streets paved with gin distillers, craft brews, artisan bakers, wine bars – and markets galore. You know the pizza guy is going to be the business and the not-so-subtly-named La Pizzeria is bang on the button.

Decked out

Rustic, simple, easy-going and industrial. Shelves filled with tasty Italian goods, a showpiece dome of a wood-fired oven and a general ‘good to be here’ vibe. People-pleasing, happy staff.


Tempting cocktails and specials on the blackboard, gusty Italian wines by the carafe (from £12.10, 500ml) and a good selection of Italian beers. Yoga juice, too, if you’re feeling virtuous. 

Food Matters

A neat and tempting menu of pizza favourites, as well as inviting specials. All can be made gluten-free for you, too. Quality ingredients are at the forefront of the pizzeria and there’s a Neapolitan thoroughness to the creation of authentic pizzas. Specials include Sausage & Rapini (spiced Italian sausage, kale, mozzarella, basil and olive oil) and Parma (with artichokes, fig, Parma ham and goats cheese). Tempting bruschetta toppings included aubergine and mint, pea and broad bean, or sausage with apple and lardo.

What we ate

The pizza oven looks the part and delivered the goods in terms of the dream pizza you might be familiar with from those Latin holidays – base nice and bit puffy round the edges with catches of black where the flames have licked the dough as it cooks. A basic Napoletana (£7.50) was the stuff of pizza pleasures, with salty anchovies and capers – a savoury foil to rich mozzarella and a sweet tomato sauce. Nothing fancy, just exemplary pizza production this. The Mediterranean (£7.50) brought luscious roast vegetables to this pizza party, nicely softened in the mighty oven to create a dream of a pizza. Light touches with the topping meant there was blend not overwhelm – and again, the dough base a moreish team player. Big, big shout out to our side salad (£7). A healthy and hefty plateful of fennel and orange with rocket and a juicy chilli dressing – it worked so well with the pizzas. This is a place to recommended. Brilliant value – heartfelt food from good people in a town that feeds the soul.

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