With Herb Oil, Sesame Crusted Rare Tuna & Grilled Tiger Prawns.
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When we think of a BBQ, burgers and sausages always spring to mind, but we often overlook the potential of seafood.

That’s sometimes because it can be daunting to cook.

But it is easy to enjoy a full-on seafood feast this summer; fish and seafood are ideal for the grill and they don’t generally require long cooking times.Swordfish skewers

In fact fish cooks very quickly on a hot barbeque. The tip is to use the best quality seafood and to ensure your grill is really hot after the flames have dampened down.

This helps caramelize the fish and provide those beautiful grill lines that give you that immense flavour.

At Saltwater Fish Company, we’ve made it easy for you with a range of grill-ready seafood that you can pick and mix on the fishmonger’s counter, including swordfish skewers with herb oil, sesame crusted tuna, monkfish and chorizo skewers, Thai-style shrimp cakes, prawn skewers and miso salmon.


Make sure the seafood is at room temperature before grilling. This will allow the fish to cook evenly and prevent it from sticking. Our chefs at Saltwater will help by giving you the optimum grilling times too.

After grilling, make sure you give your fish adequate time to rest. About 3-5 minutes will do the trick. This will allow the juices to run back into your fish and keep it tender.

We always recommend having lemon wedges and Maldon salt to finish and enhance the flavour.

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