The North East’s coastal landscape has inspired architect Stuart Duckett to create an eco-friendly paint collection to bring the spirit of seaspray and shingle into the home.

Who doesn’t come back from a trip to the coast with sand in their shoes and an insatiable appetite for a beach hut to call their own?

It’s easy to be enthused by the tingle of salty sea air, invigorated by crashing waves and inspired by the complexity – sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh, of the landscape of our coastline.

We dive in to a world of chalky paints, nautical navy and white or the myriad greys and blues that spell out the sea, skies and cliffs as we seek to create our own little harbour of calm at home.

CAPTURING THE COASTArchitect and design expert Stuart Duckett has lived among among the landscape of Whitby, Sandsend and the village of Lythe all of his life.

Coastal colours, textures and the changing seasons have all informed his work as an architect and latterly his desire to delve in to furniture restoration – and pursue his painterly ambitions.

Enter Colours of Whitby, Stuart’s collection of eco-friendly paints, made from recycled paint and very much based on the colours within his daily environment.

The paint range, ‘inspired by architecture, nature and the sea’ will be part of a new venture for Stuart called, In Your House. This will be a studio base on the North Yorkshire coast for a selection of painted furniture – particularly mid-century pieces which he is passionate about.

It will be a base for amongst other things, furniture painting workshops and also a hub for ‘reclaimed, recycled and reused’ items which will be tomorrow’s design treasures. In the future Stuart plans to hold ‘pop up’ stores across the region to showcase his wares.

But for now it’s the new paint collection that’s being talked about. From summer four colours from the collection will be available with more launched later in the year.

Stuart has worked with a paint manufacturer to ensure the collection will be as eco-friendly as it can be, creating the paint blends using recycled paint which would otherwise be dumped. The all-purpose mid-sheen paint is made from up to 75% recycled paint, water based and eco-friendly. The paint can be used indoors and outdoors, on wood, sheds, furniture, doors, interior walls, ceilings, and wooden furniture.

Their colour tones all have lovely stories to tell. Two of the shades in particular will even be doing their bit to give back to the Whitby’s heritage.

The colours Seaspray and Lifeboat have their own story to tell. Lifeboat is the distinctive deep blue shade of the Whitby lifeboat hull beneath its orange body.

No need to guess the inspiration for the cool shade of the Seaspray.

“When the North Sea embraces the Yorkshire coast, even the Whitby lighthouse is almost lost behind the spray where a creamy salty white is captured”, says Stuart.

These two colours will be raising money for Whitby Lifeboat with a 10 pc donation from every sale.

The iconic colour palette will include:

Lighthouse White; white with a subtle hint of blue to reflect the lantern enclosure of Whitby lighthouse.

Abbey Dusk; as the sun sets on Whitby Abbey, the Gothic golden brown that emerges is what inspired this striking but neutral palette.

Runswick Bay Blue; when the sunshine and blue skies reflect in this bay, an almost Mediterranean sea of blue green emerges. This shade is a calming, cosy and embracing teal.

Woodland Moss; the deep green found on tree bark in Mulgrave Woods near Sandsend is the inspiration for this natural shade.

Sandsend Shale Grey; inspired by the shale cliffs at Sandsend, a subtle, warm and neutral sandy grey.

Says Stuart; “This will be the first palette of several collections planned for the future.

“In addition, In Your House will be a brand with a focus on reducing waste and retailing recycled products alongside design-led home and lifestyle items.

“We will sell products designed by me to include lighting, furniture, radiograms, plus a range of ‘preloved’ and new retro products and classic vinyl records.”

As an architect, Stuart has worked on many projects in North Yorkshire and beyond during his practice.

Prestigious schemes have included the Sandsend Holidays complex, luxury barn conversions, impressive self-build homes and the iconic Union Mill apartments in Whitby. In 2014 Stuart opened a retail studio which featured many of his favourite mid-Century designers – such as Mini Moderns. He hopes his new project, paint and beyond will inspire people to appreciate good design.

“I love the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rhoe, Gaudi and the design ingenuity of Eames. All so far ahead of their time, yet still timeless.

“Wonderful creation of spaces and products for people to enjoy. Design to make you smile, feel good and to last. Proof that it is wise to invest in good design.”

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