Joanna Hall is a diet and movement specialist, best known as This Morning’s fitness expert for many years, and is author of a number of books.
Joanna Hall

Luxe people>>

My family, my daughter and late mum.

Luxe places>>

For a weekend > Anywhere in Italy will do but particularly fond of Venice as I spent three months there when I was pregnant and the city holds lots of personal memories as my husband was working there – and it’s a fabulous place to go walking!
For a long holiday > Club La Santa in Lanzarote, based on a peninsula the scenery is stunning and combined with the warmth and wind it really makes you feel gloriously alive. The scenery is totally invigorating. It’s one of those places that’s good for the soul as well as the body!

Luxe relax>>

I have to admit I’m a sucker for a facial. I find it totally relaxing and indulgent.

Best food > Has to be seafood and fish, though not scallops as I am desperately allergic to them!
Best wine > Well actually I love prosecco – the bubbles make it always feel like a special occasion!
Favourite restaurant > I love Do Mori in Venice which is a little bar serving the most fabulous Italian fresh nibbles which the locals enjoy at lunchtime after their morning shop with a glass of prosecco! Closer to home I enjoy Shoreditch House in London which serves great brunch. My husband loves their pizzas and our daughter is particularly partial to their hot chocolate.
Perfect weekend > Reading stories to our daughter in bed on a Saturday morning. Enjoying great coffee, sunny weather and a walk along the river. In fact, anywhere near water as I was born in Devon by the sea so it always makes me feel content when I can see water and great countryside! Catching up with friends is really important to us and of course enjoying a glass of prosecco somewhere along the way! On Sunday mornings we go to a fantastic market in the East End of London, buy bargain flowers and listen to street bands.

Luxe downtime means>>

Time with my family in fabulous countryside and great weather. A spa retreat would also be glorious!

Best telly > I love Lie to Me with Tim Roth on Sky – it’s so clever and he is brilliant and then of course Ugly Betty for complete zone-out humour and girlie giggles!

Best theatre > Recently went to see Casino at the Royal Albert Hall – a rather obscure opera all about gambling – fabulous costumes and love the whole spectacle of the opera. Also took my niece to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was fab!
Best book > Sadly don’t find I have much time to read – but recently read – Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo and A Thousand Splendid Suns – I just could not put down!
Best sounds > The Bonfire Band and Melingo Maldito Tango – great chilling out and lovely atmosphere music!

Luxe shop>>

Best shopping city > London I guess as it has so much choice but I also have found some great things in Newcastle!
Favourite shop > Love Topshop as always so much choice and variety all under one roof. START on Rivington Street, London is a cool boutique.
Luxe retail treat > An afternoon to shop with a girlfriend without having to rush back to do bathtime. I like an early evening chill out and chat about our fab retail finds. Then dinner with my husband wearing whatever I have bought.

Best buy > A choker necklace by the Peruvian jeweller Este Vestura designed to wear in so many different ways – totally unique!

Luxe party>>

A memorable night out > The night I met my husband quite by chance at the Black Marlin Restaurant in Noordhoeck South Africa.
Perfect party > Charles Worthington throws the best parties and always knows how to make his friends feel very special!

Best dress/favourite item of clothing > A backless black dress for stylish nights with my Este Vestura choker.

Dinner date > With my husband of course!

Your luxe things in life > The ring my mother left me when she passed away and the necklace my husband gave me from Venice.

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