Created with busy beauty-lovers and short-on-time shoppers in mind, the new BeautyBAR by Clarins is a one-stop retreat for time-maximising spa sessions, promising the same results and luxury experience you’d expect from a classic Clarins spa treatment, but cleverly condensed so you’re good to go in double time.

You’ll discover the stylish little sister to Clarins’ state-of-the-art Skin Spa in Fenwick Newcastle’s glossy Beauty Hall – and what a little haven of tranquility it is. Stepping through the doors feels like entering a new, calm world. Surprising, given you’re essentially still on the shop floor.

But once sat in your chair, gently reclined to take the weight off your feet, and cocooned in your own fluffy blanket, the department store buzz around you quickly subsides and I soon found myself zoning out and surrendering to the essential oil-infused smells, relaxing music around me, and the therapist’s soothing touch. You quickly forget where you are.

The new spa hub serves up eight express treatments, from stress-melting massages to fatigue-fighting facials. Simply turn up, choose which one you’d like and kick-back for 30 minutes while your therapist tailors the treatment to your skin’s needs – the perfect pick-me-up while shopping, after work or before an event.

I stopped by one morning, armed with dull, lacklustre skin, a few pesky breakouts around my jaw and eye bags the size of Brazil. And so the spa’s City Skin Rescue treatment was recommended; a restoring facial that combines deep-cleansing action and detoxifying massage techniques to bring skin back to a calmer, clearer state.

Turns out, it was just the ticket. Clarins’ Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind was applied in invigorating circular movements all around my chops, breaking down surface oils, and a few cooling swipes of the brand’s iris-infused toning lotion made sure my pores were squeaky clean. A generous amount of one of my all-time favourite Clarins products, the SOS Pure Mask, was applied next to help calm spots and plump up any signs of dehydration, followed by a slick of Truly Matte Pore Minimising Serum (massaged deep into the skin) to keep shine at bay – a great product if, like me, you wrestle with oiliness daily.

After a slick of eye cream, a few pats of refreshing moisturiser and a dab of SPF fluid, I emerged fresh-faced, like I’d just rejoined the world after eight hours’ sleep. My skin appeared brighter, perkier and smoother than a baby’s behind – and the happy, zen-like vibes stayed with me for hours after. Well worth the £25 price tag.

For more information, or to book a treatment, visit: or call the counter on (0191) 230 5033.