At this time of year we can find ourselves longing for the summer just gone, or wishing for the festive season yet to come; living life in the past, or the future… anywhere but here.

PRESS PAUSEThe constructs in our world encourage us to regularly think back or forward – we are always moving, growing, reaching for what’s next and checking where we’ve come from. We’ve somewhat forgotten what it’s like to ‘just’ be here, to be with what is, to live life in the moment.

What could life be like if you do just that? If you pause to look around more? If you look sideways sometimes, rather than just forward or back? How spacious will you feel? What will you learn? How will you be?

Autumn is the perfect season to ponder this enquiry. The external world is slowing down, inviting us to do the same, calling us to pay attention to all that is happening right now. Nature asks us to notice her, her subtle changes, her soft unfolding. Life comes more in to balance – day and night are of more equal length; we stay in and we go out. Everything is teed up for equality and presence, so why not tune in to the energy of this in your own world – get curious and see what you learn?

If you’re looking for practical inspiration, here are some tips to get you started:

Go on a walk with your senses >>

Choose somewhere beautiful in nature, pick one of your senses and take your walk through that lens… you’ll be amazed at what you notice.

Tend the earth >>

Harvest the things you’ve grown, till the soil, plant bulbs – you’ll get to celebrate and prepare through the very act of being present with what is.

Talk to the trees >> 

Or learn from them at least. How do they change, grow and bloom so much in stillness? How do they simultaneously reach up, root down and yet expand?

Eat seasonally >>

Eating food that has been grown in the ground puts minerals back in to our body, which in turn enhances our sense of ‘inner centre’ at an energetic level. The more centred or ‘grounded’ we are, the more ‘present’ we are able to be. At this time of year many of these foods are in season – root vegetables, leeks, squash etc. Incorporate these in to your diet as much as you can.

Lastly, try journaling or musing on these prompts >>

– When I am ‘right here’ I am…

– To be still means…

– By my side is…

– Being present with myself will…

– At the edges of my life are…

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