Alun Pearson lives in Faceby, North Yorkshire but counts himself a proud Teessider. He runs N Sign Ltd, a signage business he started in 2000 and which has grown into one of region’s largest companies of its kind.
Alun Pearson

Mad about cars, he competes in rallies and holds an international competition license. Action man Alun also loves mountain biking, skiing, sailing and windsurfing.

Childhood Car Crush >>

Unusually it wasn’t a Lamborghini or a Porsche on my wall but mark 1 and 11 Escorts, Vauxhall Firenzas and Chevette HSs and later the Audi Quattro that I found space for. I remember seeing the Circuit of Ireland Rally on Grandstand when I was very young; that’s all it took to ignite a life-long love.

What’s in the garage now >>

I own a number of cars, my favourites in no particular order are my 1958 Bedford CA Dormobile, Peugeot 205 gti, Golf R,  Lancia Delata Integrale and my Mitsubishi Evo 9, and having recently bought my daughter a Seat Mii. I’m really enjoying driving the wheel rims off that.

If I could own any car >>

McLaren 675LT

Captain Slow or Jeremy? >>

Mmmm let me think.

Who should present Top Gear? >>


Tracks of your tyres >>

I have a Spotify playlist; it’s quite eclectic with everything from Portugal The Man to AC/DC, Turin Brakes to Beyonce, Elbow to Morcheeba. As long as the song makes
me smile.

Who with >>

Cameron Diaz with a Yorkshire accent, now that would be fun.

Memorable car moments >>

Crashing my rally car on the Ulster Rally, we hit an Irish bank, 116mph to 0 in eight car lengths. Ouch!

What’s in the glove box? >>

Not sure, probably a high-vis, breath-tester and bulb kit – required by law from my last schlep through France on my way to Italy.

How clean is your car >>

Rural North Yorkshire and car cleanliness don’t go together. A car wash on the way home usually results in the car looking like it’s not been washed for weeks by the time I’m home.

Scary moments >>

Listening to Celine Dion sing, I’ve never really recovered.

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