Time to turn off with Temple Spa >>

Slip into serenity…

It may be difficult to do so, but when we take time to turn off our techy lives and completely switch off for a while, something special happens. It re-centres the mind and soul as we make an effort to listen to what our body is saying.

Seaham Hall has teamed up with Temple Spa, a product line born from a love of life in the Med. A laid-back lifestyle where empowerment is of the essence. Temple Spa’s mantra: “Your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full” – a philosophy that fits perfectly with that of Seaham Hall’s.

The Serenity Spa is a pocket of pure bliss, worlds away from the everyday. An away-from-it-all retreat where time stands still. And with something for everyone in terms of treatments, dining, hydro pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms, it’s great for health benefits too.

After a plunge in the pool and a soak in the outdoor tub, we’re booked in for a one-on-one, body-balancing yoga session in the studio. This class combines stretching, breathing and the flow of movement – the perfect balance between meditative yoga and a full body workout. You will come out feeling flexible, reflective and truly refreshed.

A workout reword comes in the hands of Temple Spa. We’re in for the ‘In Good Spirits’ Mediterranean massage. An exotic and incredibly energising full-body treatment bringing the whole body back into balance using essential oils and expert movement.

This invigorating massage is designed to bring vitality back into busy lives – and that it does! From the fingertips to the calves, neck and shoulders, it leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and somehow full of life. Massages can quite often leave you feeling quiet and dozy. This treatment finds the perfect middle ground. Pure relaxation with invigorating movements bringing life back into the body and smoothing out any aches, pains or problem areas.

The essential oils that help make the magic happen include ginger, lemon and bergamot – carefully chosen by therapists to stimulate and wake up the skin, body and soul.

The Serenity Spa therapists do everything in their power to ensure treatments are fully fulfilled, enjoyed and beneficial to the individual; from the initial run-through and get-to-know-you chat, to the post-treatment product recommendations and top tips on how best to keep the mind, body and soul in perfect unison.

Feeling fully restored and revived, we slip back into our robes and slippers and enjoy a refreshing raspberry sorbet in the relaxation lounge – reflecting on a revitalising full body massage.

Dinner in the vibrant Ozone pan-Asian restaurant follows – a wonderful way to extend the zen feeling, made even better by the fact we’re dining in fluffy robes. The vibe here is as chilled as chilled can be. Some diners are dressed up post-spa, others have sauntered over from poolside the fill their tums with tasty Thai-style foods.

Duck pancakes with all the trimmings followed by beef Pad Thai with rice noodles, eggs, beansprouts, green onions and tofu – stir fried with sweet and sour tamarind sauce. My supper date’s onion bhaji starter is followed by a punchy red Thai curry with a spicy kick and a side order of crunchy veg.

A sumptuous, easy-going supper – equally healthy and energising after a workout, a relaxation session and a dip in the hydropool.

In Good Spirits Temple Spa treatment: £65 – 45 minutes, £85 – 60 minutes & £120 – 90 minutes. Check out The Serenity Spa’s new Temple Spa packages, enjoy a bit of time in the award-winning spa and book in for a side order of yoga, spinning or a personal training session for that full feel-good factor. Top it all off with a mouthwatering meal in the spa’s pan-Asian restaurant, Ozone.