Graeme Blenkinsopp, is a 40-something, development land agent and owner of Wisemove, a firm of land agents and surveyors. He’s married to wife Louise and with two grown up children, Jack and Abigail.
Tesla Model X

Childhood car crush >>

As a child and into my early teenage years, I yearned for a Saab 99 Turbo and I was lucky to have a Fiesta XR2i for a short period, before the company I worked for realised I had to be over-21 to drive it and was therefore uninsured. Short-lived. That was a dream car at the time for a 17-year old, but then a Suzuki Vitara was on the wish list. Neither Saab nor Suzuki were ever driven or acquired.

What’s in the garage now? >>

Tesla Model X. A modern all-electric American vehicle with daft flapping doors and the ability to propel you at sportscar speed, whilst also retaining a look of serenity and sensibleness.

If you could own any car >>

To bring forward the Porsche Mission E, their first all-electric vehicle, or perhaps an SUV equivalent, similar to what I am driving now. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of Porsche in recent years and it’s still my vehicle of choice, and perhaps when they bring out the electric versions I’ll revert to German.

Captain Slow or Jeremy? >>

A mix! I prefer to say I drive to the road conditions. The speed is very much there in the car that I drive at the moment, but I prefer comfort these days.

Who should present Top Gear? >>

An unknown. Well, he’s known to me. Chris Clement, my wife’s cousin. He gets enthusiastic over the slightest of detail relating to cars and I think he could relate well to the watching public, who I’d imagine to be similar to him, sitting in their sheds rubbing their knees and watching Top Gear on a portable TV! Chris gets enthusiastic over a dipstick. I’d also wager that he owns more cars than Chris Evans!

Tracks of your tyres >>

Varied. From Ed Sheeran, Pink, Sam Smith, old U2, Bruno Mars to Andrea Bocelli, someone who could quite happily play in the background of my office. But I was brainwashed as a kid and seem to know every Elvis song back to front!

Dream road trip >>

A trip around Europe, visiting every major city on a pre-planned loop. One day it will happen, enjoying the food associated to each city; so pasta in Rome, tapas in Madrid, moules and frites in Bruges. You get the picture.

Tesla Model XWho with? >>

My wife, Louise, of course. Although I know she doesn’t share my enthusiasm for adventurous city hopping breaks.  I’m not sure they do driving tours of beach resorts and palm strewn promenades…

Memorable car moments >>

I have a few; I learnt to drive in a Mini Clubman, and I had only recently passed my test and was driving on the A1 motorway with friends when the gearstick came out in my hand. I’d only just learnt to drive, let alone comprehend what to do with a car having no gearstick. Washington Services came in handy that day. No mobile phones though, to call for assistance.

More recently, believing that I could never run out of electric charge in the Tesla, I did just that on the same stretch of road as the gearstick incident. Friends and I stood by the side of the motorway for almost three hours on the coldest day of the year, with snow coming down heavily, awaiting a flatbed recovery truck. November 2017. Never again.

What’s in the glove box? >>

Nothing exciting; perhaps a private stash of Star Bars or Dairy Milk, but definitely the car service book and a glove. I can’t find the other one.

How clean is your car? >>

Reasonably clean; I spend five minutes a week trying my best to keep it tidy, most Saturday mornings, although cleaning the car externally is left to the lads at the hand car wash.

Scary moments >>

In the car, I get anxious if I’m running low on charge and miles away from a charging point, but this is easing with each charging station that is built. I’ll never run out of charge again, that’s for sure.

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