Jacqui Miller-Charlton has been instrumental in bringing Newcastle International Film Festival to the city this spring as president of the inaugural event. The glamorous showcase kicks off next Thursday 29 March, until Sunday 1 April.

Jacqui has more than three decades of experience as a senior executive in her own business, alongside her two brothers. A trail blazer in the construction, quarrying, mining and associated industries, she changed the face of how hydraulic excavators are used around the world. 

Jacqui stepped down from her operational role in 2014, but remains a shareholder and main board director. More recently, she has assisted in mentoring many business professionals looking to create, grow or change their own businesses.


My family and friends – always… they keep me grounded, sane and proud.


For a weekend > Apart from home, somewhere like Rome, Paris or Venice.

A treat > Definitely an exotic location like the Maldives or equivalent.


Best food > It really depends on my mood, as I am well-travelled and like a variety but it’s probably a close call between a Sunday roast, Italian or Indian.

Best wine > prefer champagne but if I had to drink wine then it would be Montrachet.

Favourite restaurant > In Newcastle, probably Cafe 21, the silk room or Vujon and Simla.

Perfect weekend > A walk in the countryside with family, a hot bath following spa treatments and a lovely dinner in the evening. Up next morning for some movement and then a stop off somewhere for lunch on the way home.


A spicy pasta dish.

Best telly > My hubby records programmes for us to watch together. They’re usually thrillers or mysteries.

Best book > I don’t have a favourite as such – I’m a definite believer in ‘variety is the spice of life’. Every day is a school day, so I’m always open to learning and reading new things.

Best sounds > Again, as with books, I don’t have a favourite sound. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I love quiet classical tracks – then pop, taking me on a trip down memory lane.


I’m a fan of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Anne Fontainne and Ralph Lauren. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to indulge in designer labels – there’s nothing better than being able to show off your new ‘arm candy’!

Best shopping city > I’ve travelled extensively around the world during my career, but to be perfectly honest, you’d be hard-pressed to beat London for its variety and buyers’ styles.

Favourite shop > Louis Vuitton, Bond Street.

Luxe retail treat > A shopping trip to Louis Vuitton in their Bond Street Maison.

Best buy > I have many, but probably my limited, one-off pieces – theoretically they should hold their value over time.


Perfect party > An evening dinner party with friends and family, at home with a chef cooking up some culinary delights, or getting dressed up to go to a swanky party with great entertainment and fabulous people I love spending time with.

Best dress > I don’t have a best dress – I like dressing up. I’m a clothes horse – I love them all!

Dinner date > Apart from my hubby, Brad Pitt or Idris Elba, I’d love to dine with Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama. I think their life stories would be fascinating. 


Clothes, handbags, shoes and jewellery, but leaving aside all things material, the most luxurious and precious things in my world are, actually, my wonderful family and friends – some of whom I’m now working with. I’m loving every moment and I feel very blessed every day.

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