Recipe boxes are having a moment. Kathryn Armstrong gets to grips with a box of produce from a North Yorkshire company bringing the farm shop to your kitchen table

Most people have their weekday recipe stalwarts for family-feeding or post-work supper simplicity.

Recipe boxes buy in to the ideas of bringing something easy but a teeny bit more exotic to the table – less of the; ‘if it’s Monday, it’s fishcakes’ mentality and more of the ‘let’s knock up some Thai salmon parcels’ approach.

The idea is a simple one: straight to the door come your ingredients and recipes. Everything for the dish is ready and waiting – none of the caper of trying to find the essential ‘key ingredient’ – be capers or cornichons.

And none of the supermarket muddle of trying to think of recipes, ingredients and quantities alongside loo rolls and packed lunches in the chaos of the weekly shop.

The recipe box revolution has obvious appeal and a new local offering, Born & Bred in North Yorkshire, promises to bring easy meals with a farm-shop approach that means your ingredients are locally sourced and suitably seasonal.

The company has also teamed up with award-winning chef Stephanie Moon to create inspiring recipes that make the ingredients shine.

BORN & BREAD RECIPE BOXESBrothers Charles and Geoff Allen from Thirsk set up Born & Bred to tap in to the wealth of home-grown produce on their doorstep that obviously doesn’t require importing from overseas. All the recipes list the origin of their ingredients – which are delivered in the recipe boxes.

These might include pork from pigs outdoor-reared in the Yorkshire Dales and the Wolds, producing mouth-watering chorizo on a par with its Spanish counterparts, to the Yorkshire Fettle cheese hand crafted in the Vale of York, giving Greek Feta a run for its money!

Many of the producers are local, regional, national and international award-winners. Born & Bred itself was named ‘Best Specialist Retailer of the Year’ at the Flavours of Herriot Awards.

“For us, discovering local independent suppliers who are specialists in their field and passionate about their work is a real treat,” says Charles. “We’re proud to source our ingredients from Yorkshire suppliers who grow, rear, catch and hand craft amazing food and drink with great care and dedication.”

Geoff agrees; “Yorkshire has a wonderfully rich history and culture; food is naturally a very big part of that, and we’re excited to be able to share the best produce of our region with the rest of the country.”

All meat, poultry, charcuterie, fish, cheese, eggs, dairy, bread and condiments in Born & Bred boxes are 100% Yorkshire sourced, from over 60 independent Yorkshire businesses who care about the quality of their produce.

The availability of fresh fruit and veg grown in Yorkshire depends on the season, so the team works with their supplier partners to make sure the recipes include as much Yorkshire grown fruit and veg as possible, whatever the time of year.



Born & Bred’s recipes are created by Yorkshire food and drink champion Stephanie Moon.

She started her career at Craven College in Skipton before travelling the world experiencing a wide range of cultures and foods. Stephanie was also recently crowned ‘Yorkshire Food Hero’ at this year’s Deliciously Yorkshire Taste Awards.

Born & Bred boxes are delivered monthly and customers can choose three meals (out of a choice of nine). Three meals cost £39 for two people, £65 for four people and £92 for six.

The recipes are designed to be easy to cook, using the wholesome local ingredients. Dishes might include; include Venison Burger & Baby Chips, Grilled Walnut Polenta and Melted Barncliffe Brie, and One Pot Salmon & Orzo Pasta.

Nutritional information is displayed on the website at the point of selecting which of the recipes the customer would like to order.

Visit the website at:




The sturdy box arrives with its chilled meat and fish in an ice-cooled wool pouch which can be recycled afterwards (hanging baskets, pipe-lagging or a pet bed!). Teeny pots contain recipe-perfect quantities of pastes, spices etc with instructions on where they should be stored. All packaging is recyclable and reusable. Veg is in brown paper bags and meat and fish all vac-packed.


So easy and good fun. This is the way to make your reluctant kids get to grips with cooking as everything is prepped (bar a bit of chopping and peeling). You can pretend you’re Jamie Oliver ‘chucking’ stuff in the pan. The recipes are labelled in terms of ease so if you want to spend a bit of time in the kitchen plump for a ‘worth the effort’ recipe.

The recipe cards are easy to follow and alongside every ingredient there’s a note about where it’s from; be it butcher, grower, producer or farm. It’s a very mindful approach to good food.


Marvellous! West Indian pork curry included a sweet-medium-hot paste, ginger, garlic and chilli. Coconut milk and mango were added to the mix with lean pork meat (from Johnson’s of Thirsk Butchers). Rice and kidney beans were the perfect accompaniment to a satisfying, rich and moreish meal.

Southern fried buttermilk pheasant required a bit of time and effort. Slithers of pheasant breast (also from Johnson’s) were added to a marinade of buttermilk, garlic and spice blends. These were pan-fried fried until crispy and crunchy then served on a brioche bun (from Dumouchel Patisserie, Garforth), smothered with tasty beetroot relish and lettuce. Sweet potato wedges alongside made a really wholesome meal of it. It looked almost as good as the picture on the recipe card – gold stars!

Thai steamed salmon parcels were dinner-party worthy. Good-sized nicely fresh fillets of fish (from Ramus Seafood Emporium in Harrogate) were parcelled up in greaseproof paper (two sheets in the box, naturally) with a ladle of fresh fish stock and a scattering of veg. They oven cooked while the remainder of the fish stock was used to make an Asian-style broth with loads of health-giving vegetables and lashings of flavour. This really felt like a special supper, made easier with easy-to-follow steps and generous ingredients.

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