We take a trip through Italy's vineyards and sample some succulent steaks at Gosforth's San Lorenzo.

Hang out

San Lorenzo stands out on Gosforth High Street with the bustling atmosphere that is the envy of passers by. We swing by on a Friday evening, with an atmosphere fit for the moment. It’s a place to kick back, relax and have a good chat with your chums accompanied by a couple of glasses of fizz.

Decked out

A laid-back experience for sure. Walls are red brick, with light graffiti etched onto them in the form of Italian beer logos giving an effortlessly cool and playful feel. There’s a warm welcome, quirky design and a subtle candlelit glow.


We take a trip through Italy’s vineyards, sampling a mini bottle of prosecco (£5). It’s ‘fizz Friday’ after all, and a velvety smooth glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (£4.85) is just the treat. The drinks menu is thorough and dedicated, with plenty of authentic Italian beers, wines and tipples; but with the option to travel to destinations further afield.

Food matters

Italians love their food, they love the culture, the buzz and the celebration of getting together to fill up on scrumptious feasts around a table. The main menu is dedicated to its heritage and serves up something for everyone. Get excited by gorgeous garlic breads and olives, plump prawns and dusted calamari. Main courses include fresh fish dishes, plenty of pasta, pizza and meat off the grill.

What we ate 

Our foodie journey begins with scrumptious starters that in convivial Italian spirit, we decide to share. The first dish is two gorgeously green al dente asparagus sticks (£6.95) wrapped in slices of parma ham, with a runny egg sitting on a ricotta, truffle and black pepper dressing. The combination of textures and flavours from the oozing yolk, to the crispy parma ham makes this dish sing. Next, we get our hands on deliciously plump supersize prawns (£8.95) wrapped up in a parcel of light, non-greasy batter. We dip these delights in a sweet chilli sauce that cuts right through the crunch and spices up the flavour. For mains, I went for a rare 8oz fillet steak (£21.95) accompanied by thick hand cut chips and drizzled in creamy peppercorn sauce (£2.50). Perfectly plump and cherry red right through the middle, smooth as butter on the knife – it was a total crowd pleaser! The thick cut chips have you covered for sweeping up every mouthful of creamy peppercorn sauce. Our dinner date opts for the 10oz sirloin (£18.95) with sweet potato fries and a surf and turf prawn to top off the feast (£5.95). A flavoursome cut, chargrilled on the outside and perfectly pink in the middle. The surf and turf is the perfect option for the seafood and steak lover who just can’t make a decision. More of those plump, mammoth prawns, swimming in a pool of garlic butter gorgeousness perfect for drizzling all over your steak. Our eyes wander over to the sticky toffee pudding (£5.95) offering, and we just can’t leave without giving it a go. Armed with two spoons, we take on the square sponge, pouring lashings of caramel sauce over the top. The perfect pud to share with a pal. Every mouthful oozing with caramel and toffee tastes and perfectly paired with cool vanilla ice cream.

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