We catch up with North East star, Joe McElderry, after a festive run as Joseph in Newcastle. Here are some of his luxe things in life...

South Shields-born performer Joe McElderry has just wowed the region as Joseph in that technicolour dreamcoat. Since winning the X Factor he’s never stopped singing, dancing, performing and recording. Now it’s time to get the skis on!


I love anyone who is a big performer and put on a full show, like Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Beyoncé.


We go skiing every year to Austria and it is one of the most beautiful places. Anywhere with the snow and the mountains is so relaxing for me and you can’t help but just switch off it is really beautiful.

For a weekend > If I could get there quick enough maybe the Maldives that would be a lovely weekend break if I could transport myself there.

A long holiday > The Caribbean is always nice and I still haven’t been over to Australia and it is a place I would love to tick off my bucket list.

A treat > Rockliffe Hall and Seaham Hall are two of my favourites for a nice spa day. Can’t beat a day with a nice massage and good food.


A day in the house is honestly luxurious for me to be in my own home in my own bed watching boxsets on television is a good chill out day for me.

Best food > A good Italian meal or a nice home cooked steak and ale peewit chips. Good hearty food which is the one thing I really miss while being on tour, you never get to eat properly because it is always what is available in the shop or can order in. When I get home its nice to have a home cooked meal.

Best wine > I’m not a wine drinker but I do like prosecco. Wine gives me a really bad head the next day!

Favourite restaurant > There is a place in Essex called Sheesh which you may have seen on the show The Only Way is Essex. It is the best food, they do grilled halloumi and deep fried halloumi kebabs and it is the most incredible place. I have never had as tasty food as I have there.

Perfect weekend > Chilling out, catching up with friends going on a day trip somewhere or a nice drive somewhere new. Maybe a good night out in Newcastle.


Downtime is being at home chilling out, not doing anything. Not having to travel anywhere spending the day in your PJs. I enjoy exercising too so in my downtime I will do exercise classes and sessions at the Gym. I enjoy that and on my days off I might have some adrenalin from the shows.

Best telly > The Real Housewives I am obsessed with the show, at every single city all for different reasons. I have a website where I pay a subscription to get them all on demand from America as soon as they come out. Today three episodes from three different seasons have been uploaded so that is exactly what I will be watching tonight when I get home. It’s the reunion of the Cheshire show tonight and it is going to kick off – I can’t wait.

Best sounds > I love Rita Ora’s new song Anywhere.


Can’t go wrong with a bit of Topman. I live in clothes from Topman. I know what sizes fit and it is easy and reliable for me, especially for work clothes and performance outfits.

Best shopping city > Manchester and Liverpool are my favourite.

Luxe retail treat > Unless I have to go shopping I won’t. I am the kind of shopper that knows what they are going for, I will get it and then I will leave. Shopping has never been fun, I don’t enjoy it. I know exactly what I want I pick it all up and then I go.


Perfect party > A house party with my friends with music in one room and chatting in the other room and some people can go sit outside by the log burner we have out there. Just have all friends and family over.

A memorable night out > I have had quite a few memorable nights out but Newcastle is always one of them. I was saying to someone else that I have been to many places for nights out and you still just can’t beat Newcastle. It has one of the best night life in the whole Country. There is so much variety in different parts and all in walking distance. Each quarter of Newcastle is so different, you go to other places and they have that but all miles away but you can get from one place to the Next in a short walk.

Dinner date > Anywhere with nice food and good drinks and I am happy!


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