There comes a time, usually in January each year, when we all strive to improve our health, wellbeing and overall fitness. The new year always seems a great place to start, whether we go through with it or not. Personally, every year I buy into the ‘new year, new me’ protocol – sticking to a diet and workout plan throughout January and February, tailing off as Easter approaches and then panicking when summer arrives and the word ‘holiday body’ starts fluttering around.

This year, I wanted to try something new. After the rush of summer, I saw September as my new starting point and signed up to a personal training package seeing me through to the winter.

At Aspire Fitness, the time of year doesn’t matter. That’s just something we use to get ourselves motivated. But with the specialist help of Jono Hart of Aspire Fitness, my motivation came out of nowhere and I was ready to make a lifestyle change.

We’re all living very busy lives and slotting in a bit of gym time on a daily or weekly basis isn’t as easy as it sounds; particularly if, like me, you spend a lot of your time travelling to and from work and appointments.

This is where Aspire Fitness’ Online PT plans come in. The perfect answer to finding time for fitness. I didn’t know it myself, but this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The ease of knowing I can work out at home and follow a simple diet plan – incorporating food I might already have in my fridge. There’s no crazy crash diet involved. It’s just about planning and persevering.

After my first meeting with Jono, it was clear that he knew his stuff – from pinpointing exactly what I want to achieve and creating the best possible diet/nutrition plan, to tailoring exercises and strengthening techniques to suit my physique and my timetable.

The first thing I needed to get my head around was that this is a lifestyle choice – not just a quick diet where you’ll see fast results with hardly any work. This meant swapping eating out and weekend partying for planned meals and at-home workouts. All I needed was the determination, the equipment (weights and kettlebells) and a trip to the supermarket – Jono supplied the rest.

After talking me through the importance of calorie intake, macronutrients, meal planning and the process of combining endurance, strength, hypertrophy and conditioning training, I was handed my Slim, Skulpt & Toned booklet – my bible for the next 12 weeks.

Reading through, it explained everything Jono and I had discussed in detail. Aspire Fitness’ Online PT plans are there to help you – giving you all of the essential information to help you transform your body and achieve your goals. This booklet has all the information you might need and more – Aspire Fitness really have thought of everything and put it in one place. Not only does it deliver Jono’s expertise, his enthusiasm and his experience, but it ensures that you know everything about how and why you’re changing your diet and fitness plan and what it is going to do to your body both short and long term. Any questions that popped into my mind were answered as I continued reading the handbook.

What many personal trainers don’t offer is the psychological support. Sometimes you do just need that extra bit of encouragement – whether it’s a text message at the end of the week to check how you’re getting on or a quick catch up on a Monday to discuss your plans for the week ahead.

Measured, weighed and assessed in all areas, Jono calculated exactly what I needed to do to ensure I was not only losing weight each day, but gaining muscle and improving my overall strength, health and physical wellbeing. And throughout the plan, I soon came to realise that all of the above do, in fact, contribute to improving your mental wellbeing. One week in, I felt confident, healthier and generally happy with how I was looking and feeling.

When it comes to the diet, it really isn’t anything too mind-blowing. Jono provides a detailed breakdown explaining exactly what food group you should be eating, at what time and how much you should consume. Once you’ve cracked the maths and worked out the measurements for each meal, you’re on your way and creating the menu actually becomes quite exciting. It gives you the chance to be creative with the food list provided. Plans will be different for each individual, but Jono is there to offer any tips, advice or inspiration. Typical meals include porridge and fruit for breakfast followed by boiled eggs, chicken, rice and broccoli for lunch and prawn noodles for dinner. With a meal planner document alongside an ingredients list, it’s simply a case of selecting what you fancy that week and planning your meals in advance. I was very pleased to see that the ingredients Jono suggested were generally part of my normal weekly shopping list – it was just about balancing the food groups together and creating healthy dishes with calorie intake in mind at all stages.

The Online PT packages are also great if you’re not based in the area. Aspire Fitness has a studio near Yarm, Teesside – but you don’t have to be within close proximity to benefit from Jono’s inspiring training. The plans are designed to help anyone and everyone achieve something from their own desktop. So whether you’re a lady looking to get slim and toned, or a gentleman aiming to get a strong, lean physique, each package is personalised and tailored to the individual for the best possible results.

The online packages provide clients with an easy to follow, proven structure grounded with real science, advice and 24-hour support. Highly motivated and dedicated individuals will benefit from these packages – people with aspirations to feel good and improve their health.

I followed the slim, sculpt and toned ladies package, which includes the following:

  • 3 monthly training programmes (1 per month)
  • 3 tailored nutrition plans (1 per month)
  • Macro nutrient and calorie breakdown
  • 35 page body transformation plan
  • Supplement support and protocol to maximise results
  • 1 hour consultations
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 24/7 email support
  • Access to online members area

This is a truly unique service and I can’t thank Jono enough for his support and encouragement throughout the 12-week programme. So much so that I plan to continue with PT and join the group bootcamps. In terms of results, I’ve seen my body grow from strength to strength, with weight dropping off me each week that passed. I feel happier, healthier and a much fitter person with a newfound love for exercise and eating well. Keep an eye out on the Luxe website for meal plans and recipe suggestions.

If you’re living a busy life and want to get fit and feel good from the comfort of your own home, contact Jono Hart at Aspire Fitness on: 07875 534296 or 

And if you’ve got your sights set on January as a time to get motivated and make a change, book up in advance or check out the Aspire Fitness gift cards available for 2018. The perfect Christmas present for personal training, Saturday bootcamps, 5-week nutrition challenge and group sessions.