Slick and sharp Danish design created a Pinterest-perfect property in a Sunderland home. Luxe step inside...

Those clever Danes know a thing or two about living well and looking good. They’re quite the dapper, blissed-out bunch, with talents that extend to innovative eyewear, stylish shoes and the art of living cosily – the ‘hygge’ way.

Is it any wonder we’re all raving about Danish design and inviting it to take over our homes?

Two people who have recently beautified their abode the Scandi way are social workers Peter and Lynsey Davison. The pair moved into their detached dream home in Rydale Park, near Seaham and knew the look they wanted for the sleek space.  Bringing the concept to life was that bit more tricky so they turned to the talents of the BoConcept team based in Fenwick, Newcastle.

BOCONCEPT - WOW HOUSEThe brand has been designing and manufacturing for over 60 years, helping to breathe new life into single rooms, small apartments, large houses and corporate spaces all over the globe – 60 countries to be exact.

Its team of skilled consultants are an urban-minded homeowners’ best pals, whether you’re looking to update a space corner by corner with luxury accessories, or revamp a room or two top to bottom.

“We first discovered the house when the builder, Johnson Homes, was about to begin adding the second floor,” says Peter. “We liked the quiet location and the price was right, but what we loved most was that we had the opportunity to make some of our own decisions design-wise.”

Working with their builder, Neil Johnson, the couple altered the interior plans, building a light and airy extension to the back of the property, creating a larger bedroom for their son and giving him his own bathroom, and putting their own stamp on the finer details – things like tiles, lighting and fixtures, flooring and even plug sockets.

They ventured into BoConcept Newcastle on their hunt for the perfect living room sofa (a pain-staking task for any interiors addict) and, after falling for one of the brand’s navy numbers, a three-seater ‘Indivi’ sofa, a coffee table and a sideboard, enlisted the help of senior interior designer, Emma Dickinson, to assist them on styling their new open-plan kitchen and living area – a space that already showcased BoConcept furniture.

“We wanted our home to have a contemporary, ‘luxe’ feel – the ‘shabby chic’ look just wasn’t us,” says Lynsey.

“We were really pleased with the sleek furniture we’d discovered at the BoConcept space in Fenwick – things like the gorgeous velvet dining room chairs, the grey mirror and the gold table centrepiece – and so it made sense to go back and look at accessories. And that’s when Emma really got on board.

“She got to know our house inside out; what kind of colours we’d chosen to run throughout the house – lots of grey, tan and oak – and other bits and pieces, such as the gold and chrome accents you’ll find dotted about. From there, she was able to suggest throws, vases and lamps that would work – and we love them all.”

Taken by Emma’s choices when it came to the finishing touches, the trio soon began work on bringing the pair’s living room to life from scratch – a dream project for any interior designer, but a special treat for a passionate professional like Emma.

“It was a completely blank canvas when I walked in – all they knew was where they wanted the TV,” says Emma, who’s been at BoConcept Newcastle for three years.

“Luckily for me, because I’d built up such a good relationship with Peter and Lynsey, they trusted my vision and my understanding of theirs, and gave me the freedom to just roll with it and get
stuck in.”

BoConcept’s free design service meant Emma was able to visit Peter and Lynsey at home one Saturday morning, armed with a sketchbook and a brain full of creative ideas, before any work began.

BOCONCEPT - WOW HOUSE“It was a chance for us to get an idea of how the makeover might look and make sure we were happy with the choices that were put to us,” says Peter.

“Emma arrived with lots of fabric swatches, colour ideas, throws and potential accessories that could work. We agreed we wanted the space to remain in keeping with the rest of the house – very modern, but with a ‘lived in’ feel. It’s a family home at the end of the day – we didn’t want it to look like the stiff living rooms you see in show homes.

“We headed to Fenwick the following weekend, where Emma presented us with her final design ideas in-store via the brand’s iMac program, enabling us to view a 3D model of the finished room.

“The shape of our living room is a little unusual – and on the small side – so being able to see the finished designs in 3D proved to be an invaluable experience. It gave us peace of mind, knowing that the proportions of furniture worked with the space available.”

Bowled over with the designs Emma had come up with, the pair gave her the go ahead there and then and work soon began, centring around the TV, the room’s focal point, and the couple’s desire to create a luxury hub that they could spend quality time in as a family.

The result of Emma’s labour is an effortlessly good-looking space, decked out with unique and complementary accessories – things like industrial-style lamps, smoky glass candlesticks, a pink botanical throw and cut glass jars your grandmother used for her mint imperials. It’s made cosy, too, with deliciously moody colours and furniture that bridged the gap between fabulous and functional.

“Everything has a purpose,” explains Emma.

“For example, the sofa, single chair and foot stool – they’re not there just because they look good together. They’re there because they’re things a family of three need to be able to put  their feet up and relax at the end of the day.

“For us, style is about looking good – but it was also important that the room was functional for every day living,” says Lynsey.

BOCONCEPT - WOW HOUSE“We have a 10-year-old who loves Nutella sandwiches and a very lively West Highland Terrier Puppy. But Emma was confident that BoConcept’s furniture would continue to look great and withstand accidents – so far, she’s been right.”

The grey theme continues from the kitchen into the living room, however working with a small space, Emma advised that the pair paint the walls all one colour (you’ll find no fancy feature walls here) and to keep the shade on the darker side. In the end, they settled on a dark taupe shade that looks just as good after dark as it does during the day.

“People always seem to think that smaller rooms should be as light as possible, but I reminded Peter and Lynsey what they had originally envisioned for the space – a sumptuous sanctuary that they could retreat to for some family time each evening,” says Emma.

“Thankfully, they trusted my judgement and I feel that the colours only enhance that cosy feeling – especially when the candles are lit, or when one or two of the lamps are on, providing soft and gentle lighting.”

The Davison’s have been enjoying their luxey living room for almost a month now and have nothing but praise for Emma and the BoConcept way of working.

“BoConcept’s customer service is second-to-none; knowledgeable, inspirational, friendly, relaxed and informal,” says Peter.

“Lynsey described walking around the store as being ‘surrounded by lots of really lovely things’. Emma’s understanding of what we wanted, and her ability to combine the brand’s furniture and accessories, helped us to create a luxurious TV room and a cool kitchen and dining room that works for all of us. Spaces we know we’ll be enjoying for years to come.”

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