We stop by Durham's hippest cafe for quick, fancy-pants brunch...

Hang out

An uber-stylish hang-out, just a stone’s throw away from Durham’s iconic Cathedral and Castle, that’s an idyllic pit-stop for both weekend strollers and city-centre locals. A place to treat yourselves at the end of the week with food’s that a bit special – it’s always packed at the weekend. 

Decked out

Shabby-chic – very Pinterest-like. Chunky wooden tables, white wash walls, hanging foliage, clipboard-style menus. It’s small and intimate (hence while you’ll probably have to hang tight for a table come the weekend) and, actually, looks better when it’s a bit grey outside – it all adds to the trendy moodiness.


Whatever you choose to eat, wash it down with either a chai latte, or perhaps even a Bloody Mary or a chilled glass of Buck’s Fizz. We stopped by mid-week, on a rather dreary, drizzly afternoon, so opted for two big mug of fresh mint tea.

Food matters

You’ll find light-on-the-tum plates, all kinds of eggs and pretty perfect pancakes; flavours such as ‘banoffee pie’ and ricotta, with fresh fruit, maple syrup and cinder toffee. Sophisticated stacks definitely worth snapping. The brunchy menu (which changes now and again, so don’t rely on the website) offers a mix of always-delicious staples, like avo on toast and creamy, maple-rich porridge, and more adventurous plates, like warm and loaded Moroccan and Asian-style salads and healthy quinoa-centred mains. Everything packs a punch when it comes to flavour and delivery, but we advise visiting when you fancy a bit of a splurge – or when celebrating is in order. Most plates are around the £10 mark.

What we ate

We’ll be honest and say we were rather disappointed to find that the menu was almost entirely different from the (super tasty) one on the cafe’s website, which we looked (drooled) at on the journey there, but what we settled on once sat down made up for it. For us, a twist on avo on sourdough toast; creamy guacamole, spiked with plenty of chilli for fire, topped with three plump king prawns, gently battered. A good sprinkling of salty feta took us to heaven, as did a generous scattering of scorched sweetcorn, crunchy red onion, parsley and Thai spices, bathed in plenty of lime juice. Peppery rocket and fresh parsley on the side added some herby-ness, which we loved. Our chum kept things simple, tucking in to scrambled eggs on two slices of thick, thick toast. Nothing fancy here, but still done well. The free-range eggs were fresh-as-can-be; gloriously yellow, super fluffy, with a creamy, almost milk-like texture. And you get loads too (just as well, really, as both dishes were around the £9 mark). Overall, a really pleasing, fill-your-tum-quick brunch. We’ll try the pancakes next time, as nearly all of our fellow diners seemed to be over the moon with their American-style stacks.


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