When your face hits a certain age there’s no point in beating around the bush: a facial has to do the business. It has to muster some taut, tight, see-a-difference results.

And OMG, the 3D Collagen Shock does that to the max. Wynyard Hall, be prepared for a pilgrimage of the menopausal.

This beauty of a beauty treatment comes from a company you might not have heard of – the Spanish skincare house, Natura Bisse.

But word is out to the likes of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus who are devotees of the brand, and it would appear to work for them.

I’ll talk results first. I’ve never had a facial that made my skin look so good afterwards – I have never felt as comfortable leaving a salon make-up free as I did after this one – even went shopping bare-faced – pretty much a first. My skin looked lifted, plumped and so healthy. Maybe that’s the ‘shock’ in its name.

As a treatment it is so relaxing and, unexpectedly, fun. It’s a sweetshop of a treatment. Here’s how.

You begin with an uncomplicated cleanse and tone before the start of the three step exfoliation. If you’ve ever had a glycolic peel then you’ll know the feeling; there’s a prickly sensation as the exfoliation happens. There’s the dabbing of another collagen compound on to the skin and then utterly fabulous sensation of a frothing, fizzing mask tickling the skin – it feels amazing!

You move on to a warming mask – a silicon mask over the face – surely there are few things as satisfying as the peeling off of a face mask.

But then it gets better still as two thick brushes are used to ‘spread’ an intense plumping mask over the face – by this time I am feeling like a sponge cake in Bake Off being covered in unctuous Nutella!

While this works its magic, soothing hand and arms massage is happening and I’m in the half-dozed state of complete relax.

It really is an action-packed session with plenty of youth-giving element to the treatment.

Plenty of research suggests that the combination of the treatment products combined with intense facial massage work together for maximum and lasting effect.

No doubt about it – this is something that really does reap results. Deep lines are ‘ironed out’ eyes are lifted, in fact everything seems to move up a notch – and the results do stay afterwards.

It’s one of a number of more high-tech treatments that are new to the beauty rooms in Wynyard Hall itself, rather than as part of the spa area.

They are definitely treatments that will appeal to people with skin concerns such as ageing – and rightly so, because they work. The 3D Collagen Shock is brilliant for people preparing for a special occasion and wanting to look as good as they can. It’s a wonder-drug!

3D Collagen Shock is from £90. The new salon services include results-driven treatments such as CACI, as well as microdermabrasion and body sculpting, There is also a menu of treatment which target well-being concerns, such as insomnia and stress.