Enjoy an easy-breezy seaside getaway at this picturesque, white-wash cottage...

Fancy living like a lighthouse keeper for the weekend? Well now you can! Head to the landward end of Souter Lighthouse and you’ll find the most gorgeous white-washed cottage, which is open for guests to hire for long weekends.

Built in 1871 to ward ships from the dangerous rocks at Whitburn Steel, the lighthouse keeper and his family would have lived in this sea-view cottage which, after a careful restoration, has now been transformed into a comfortable two-bedroom holiday home.

As part of the lighthouse, you’ll be a stone’s throw from the Sunderland coast, meaning picturesque sunsets and sunrises are guaranteed – not to mention breathtaking, sweeping views out to sea. Peek out and you’ll see The Leas, a two and a half mile expanse of magnesian limestone cliffs, wave-cut foreshores and coastal grassland, stretching north. It’s our favourite.

If you fancy rambling about, why not embark on a two-mile walk from Souter Lighthouse and end at Rocket Green meadow, home to autumn gentian, bee orchid and dropwort.

Newcastle’s buzzy city centre is just a 15-mile drive away.

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