Hang out

A trendy, effortlessly-cool restaurant and bar on Jesmond’s once-thriving Osborne Road. Don’t be put off by the postcode – it isn’t overflowing with rowdy students (at least not all the time!). In fact, the vibe is as laid-back as can be, much like the walk-in bars you find across the pond. A place for burgers, beer and bar snacks (stuff like Southern-fried chicken with harissa mayo, tempura shrimp and pork scratchings) done properly, creative cocktails and weekend shakes.

Decked out

Industrial-style lighting, neon signs, steel bar stools, menus on chalkboards, scuffed wooden floors, tables and chairs, and funky jam jar printed wallpaper. There’s a booth area for private gatherings.


The cocktails here are good – really good. And all served in jam jars, naturally. The American-style milkshakes are works of art; big, towering things, topped with frosty scoops of ice cream, pretzels, lashings of chocolate sauce, biscuits and even peanut butter. On this occasion, we swapped sugar for strong coffee.

Food matters

Burgers are the thing here. Big, meaty things – single, double and triple-stacked patties (beef, steak, chicken or veggie – take your pick) topped with all sorts, from BBQ pulled pork, blue cheese and caramelised onions, guacamole and sweetcorn relish, basil pesto and apple… the list is quite impressive. There are American classics, too, including mac and cheese and steak and fries. We stopped by for something a little lighter, though, one weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the small, but sweet, brunch offering we found. Sophisticated fry-up, lots of eggs and pancakes. You can even order brownies if you’re that way inclined!

What we ate 

Our tastebuds couldn’t decide whether they wanted sweet or savoury, but our bellies were feeling brave, so we ordered a bit of a mix. That meant a helping of pancakes (£7) to start, served American-style (thick and fluffy – perfect), drizzled in sticky honey, tart berries and a scoop or two of ice cream to satisfy our sweet tooth. Then there was eggs Benedict (£6), which earned zero complaints from us. You know the drill – toasted muffin and oozy poached eggs, country bacon, salty and crisp, and a good smothering of hollandaise, which is homemade. The ‘Full On Jesmond’ brekkie (£8) was delish and portion-size was spot on. Compliments to the chef for the homemade black pudding, herby and high quality leek and potato sausages, smoky baked beans and more. Really filling and hearty – without the oil and grease usually associated with big fry-ups. We didn’t order a brownie this time, but we’re not promising anything next time.