Ironically, the season of chilling-out, coasting and going with the flow can often be anything but. It’s easy to think you want to be out, socialising, partying and ‘joining in’.

BODY COACHHolidays, birthday parties, barbeques, beer gardens… the social scene can take over, and lovely though is it, it can be too much. Sometimes you want to say no; stay in, have a quiet time, be still. The tension between the two choices can be exhausting in itself and that can lead towards burnout, which often hits come September in the midst of the ‘back to school’ window.

So how do you avoid burnout from summer social overload?

The key is to tune in to what kind of summer you want to have, to get clear on what you want and need. Once you do that, you can make decisions about what you do that are in line with that. You can choose what brings you the most joy and the most peace.

So, absolutely enjoy your ‘yeses!’ Here are some frames on why it’s ok to say no when everyone around you wants you to say yes:

It’s ok to say no… because you’re too tired and want to listen to your body and stay still.

It’s ok to say no… because tired or not, you just want some time alone.

It’s ok to say no… because you just don’t do ‘that kind of thing’ anymore. Life moves on and our decision and choices do too.

It’s ok to say no… because you don’t quite fancy what’s on offer; somehow though your rational mind would say yes, you’re just not feeling the vibe this time.

It’s ok to say no… because you don’t know yet.

It’s ok to say no… because the people you’d be spending time with just aren’t ‘your people’.

It’s ok to say no… because you have other plans.

It’s ok to say no… after you’ve said yes… for avoidance of doubt it is ok to change your mind.

In short, it’s just ok to say no, if the answer is no.

This summer is the time for you to start worrying less about being seen as unreliable, unsociable or indecisive. It’s the time for you to care less about saving face, pleasing people and playing it safe. This summer is the time for you to start getting courageous about making the right decisions for you and taking care of what you ned. So choose wisely.

If you sense you’ll need a reset once summer is over, then come and join me at the Instant Pause one-day retreat in Newcastle on September 21. Please get in touch to know find out more…

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