“We absolutely love the idea of meat and beer together as a concept for our shop.

BLOCK & BOTTLE“For us the two have always gone hand in hand. Firstly from a taste perspective – there are almost as many beers as there are recipes for different cuts of meat, and secondly because of the social aspect associated with both meat and beer. These two things brought us together and have always led to gatherings of friends and families.

“Some of our favourite memories have been of BBQs with friends, trying local specialities around the globe and making new friends in bars across America! For us you can’t beat cooking outside in the summer with a few beers and some food. We love hosting people and on our BBQ this weekend we are serving: Short ribs with a fruity IPA or pale ale such as Errant and Brew Yorks new collaboration X-Parrot.”

  • Marinate the short ribs with a dry rub and cook them on indirect heat by placing the ribs on the opposite side of BBQ to the coals with the lid shut and air vents open to allow for steady flow of air. Cook them slowly over a long period of time (approx 4 hours at roughly 100-150degrees C) until tender enough to fall off the bone.
  • Serve with fresh Asian noodle salad with grilled chicken paired with Flash House’s orange and ginger saison.
  • Take butterflied skin on chicken fillets and rub with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook over direct heat on the BBQ so it is a nice colour, then move to the indirect heat part of the BBQ until fully cooked, remove from heat, slice and serve on a bed of marinated rice noodles and Asian vegetables.
  • Finally you can’t beat a classic – 30 day aged chuck burger with a nice crisp lager such as Drygate’s Chimera.

“Burgers are a must for any BBQ, and the best way is to get a fantastic burger which will do most of the work.

“If you like you can customise this in many ways – adding avocado, halloumi, bacon etc, but you can keep it super simple with some fresh local tomatoes and home made pickles.

“This is best served medium rare by cooking for a few minutes each side on direct heat and then leaving to rest.”

The sun is shining… so relax and enjoy!

Photo credit: Amos Menin