Andy is the owner of River Beat restaurant on the River Tyne. He brings a love of Asian and fusion food to the table – from his travels in the Far East.

Andy Drape is a familiar face to North East food lovers from his days at restaurants such as Barn Asia, Blackfriars and Sohe. He’s married to Steph and they live in Heaton.


In terms of food, Alistair Little – and closer to home, Brian James now at Arlo, was a great guiding chef. Music-wise, Prince.

Steph – and my mum, obviously.


For a weekend > We’re just back form a weekend in Manchester – ate very good tapas at El Gato Negro sitting at the chef’s table. Stayed at the Abode hotel – great staff.

A long holiday > Singapore and the Malaysian islands – also our honeymoon in Hong Kong and Japan. Went to a great restaurant in Kyoto called Giro Giro where no English was spoken, great atmosphere.

A treat > The Park Hyatt in Tokyo – outstanding!


Best food > Curries and Asian food because there are so many flavours to go at. Love the textures, and blends – had a very memorable Malaysian penang curry which the best ever – made your eyes go curly!

Best wine > Champagne – a nice chilled LPR.

Favourite restaurant > Giro Giro as mentioned – in Newcastle the Earl of Pitt Street up by the football ground. I like Nobu in London and Hong Kong.

Perfect weekend > I’d go to Spain, to Valencia for great food and good art.

Downtime means > It would have to be social – I love music so I would go and see bands. I’m usually stuck in the kitchen – but there’s always music!

Best telly > Ray Donovan or Billions.

Best theatre > More of a gig guy than a theatre man.

Best book > One of my favourites is the autobiography of Tony Cascarino – he talks about the Marseille relegation scandal – compelling stuff.

Best sounds > I’ve got a massive collection of music – from De la Soul to Omar, Massive Attack, ther Avalances, Zero 7. The work playlist has about 15,000 tracks.


Best shopping city > The internet! Failing that, I like a trip to Leeds – and Japan is brilliant.

Favourite shop > Paul Smith.

Luxe retail treat > Speakers.

Best buy > Four Loewe speakers.


A memorable night out > Our first birthday at River Beat was pretty special.

Perfect party > The ones you don’t plan. Out in the sticks with loads of friends and a band.

Best dress > My wedding suit from Vivienne Westwood –  with embossed Paul Smith shoes.

Dinner date > My wife – she will say Will Smith.


It’s got to be happiness – the key to everything. And food.

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