Personally, I have been in the beauty industry since leaving school after my A-levels. I have had a full and varied career in beauty from my first job in Harley Street, London to living and work in many different countries from Dubai to Paris. I am passionate about the industry and about The Skin Company. 


For a weekend > I love Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast. I love the quaintness, the beautiful coastline, walking for miles along the cliff or rocks (depending on the tide!) and the fact it is still a fairly undiscovered gem of a place.

A long holiday > It would have to be Melbourne, Australia. My twin younger sisters live there with there growing families, I’ve just become an Auntie again, so it would be a holiday filled with special family time, cuddling my nephew and niece and some beautiful beaches near where they live! 


Best food > Going for brownie points here, it would have to be my husbands fabulous Sunday lunch with his amazing Yorkshire puddings – they are so good that we no longer get invited anywhere else!

Best wine > I am quite partial to a nice, smooth shiraz or a super chilled sauvignon  blanc.

Favourite restaurant > I just love the Crathorne Arms, the staff, the ambience and of course the food! 

Perfect weekend > Life seems so busy nowadays, that my perfect weekend is some nice food, a few glasses of wine on a Saturday evening, a lovely long moor top walk with my little dog “Captain Jack” and  Sunday lunch with family and friends. Throw in an open fire and I’m in heaven.

Downtime means > Time at home.

Best telly > I’m a film fanatic but also love Masterchef and at the moment The Last Kingdom (if you’ve watched it you will know why!)

Best theatre > Not strictly Theatre, but The Classical Spectacular at The Royal Albert Hall is just as it says spectacular! The performance, the place and the people I went with.

Best book > Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. An epic, extraordinary true story that draws you in and keeps you hooked. 

Best sounds > My music choice is so diverse from one of my favourite albums of all time Allison Krauss with Robert Plant, Raising Sand to French cafe music, with a bit of Edith Piaf!


Best shopping city > Paris, this is not to sound flash but I used to live in Paris and the shopping was just so unique.

Favourite shop > I don’t really have a favourite shop as it depends on what or if I am looking for something in particular or just shopping. 

Best buy > Probably not what you are expecting but it has to be my little dog – I really wouldn’t be without him.


A memorable night out > This is really hard one as there have been a few, but one that still makes me cry with laughter is one I shared with my dear friend Claire – and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anymore, but she knows! 

Perfect party > My perfect party would be a warm Summer night with good friends and family, free flowing wine and lots of laughter  

Best dress > Cashmere sweater and a pair of great fitting jeans.

Dinner date > Obviously my husband, but if the lead actor from The Last Kingdom was available… who knows.


My luxe thing is life would be to have more time, I never seem to have enough.