"But in a still life, there is no end to our looking, we look in and in, to the world of things, in and in, as long as we can stand to look, as long as we take pleasure in looking". - Mark Doty

Sometimes we all need to take a little time out. Time out to relax and reflect.

This is the best time for our thoughts to wonder and to put our creative minds to use.

Kirsty Johnson and Vicky Trainor are the co-founders of this beautiful little business set in the ultra charming village of Crathorne, North Yorkshire. Kirsty is a florist and Vicky is an artist, and together they bring a unique creative flair that encourages people to come along, embrace their innovative nature and appreciate the little things in life.

They believe that everyone deserves A Still Life – so have put together a fusion of workshops, social gatherings and curated events in a cool and calming environment where anything is possible.

Together with inspiring in-house photographer, Charlotte Eve and contributor Kate Burton, these wonderful, arty wellbeing workshops have got everyone talking. Here’s what’s coming up this summer at A Still Life, Crathorne…






‘I paint flowers so they will not die’
Frida Kahlo

Embrace the beauty of the summer months at this creative workshop. Blooms, colours and flouncy fashion; you’ll create effortless floral displays and you’ll learn to paint loosely through the simple art of ink and brush.

Jess Priest in an in-the-know, Printed Textile Designer and Artist from Buckinghamshire. She travels the world, exploring new ideas and sharing her love for art and fashion with people from all kinds of backgrounds. She will help creative makers with live demonstrations, top technique tips and how to take advantage of the beautiful translucency of watercolour ink.

This workshop is held at The Reading Room, Crathorne, North Yorkshire (10.30am – 4.30pm).

£120; book at astill-life.co.uk



“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
Dorothea Lange

Photography creates beautiful memories. Join Charlotte Eve at this insightful workshop where you will learn how to capture those moments in the best way possible. She will guide you through the tools and techniques of your own digital camera – helping you to make the most of your location and maximising the available natural light.

It’s a practical session where you’ll pick up photography skills that will stay with you forever – helping you to capture those precious moments, those stunning landscapes and those treasured shots of loved ones.

Leave full of renewed excitement and enthusiasm, ready to master your camera and produce some breathtaking images to keep and share. Attendees don’t need previous photography experience – this workshop is all about adding to your knowledge and creative a special relationship with your beloved camera.

This workshop is held at The Reading Room, Crathorne, North Yorkshire (10.30am – 4.30pm).

£70; book at astill-life.co.uk



Aesthete (adj.) someone with deep sensitivity to art and nature.

Relax, unwind and appreciate the natural beauty we’re surrounded by – what better way to spend a Sunday evening?

The Sunday Art School is a monthly session where pupils can explore their creative minds, re-discover artistic skills and end the week in a perfect, peaceful state.

Think creative collages, indulgent art works and crafty tools that will transform your busy-weekend brain into a state of mindfulness. This workshop is great for those who wish to gently engage in drawing and painting, resurfacing skills from years past.

This workshop is held at The Reading Room, Crathorne, North Yorkshire (6.30pm – 8.30pm).

£15; book at astill-life.co.uk





Zephyr (n.) a gentle, mild breeze.  It does not disrupt, nor cause chaos, it merely brings a pleasant sensation on a warm Summer day

Calling all floral fanatics… come along to enjoy the beauty of British Flowers through the eyes of a fabulous Flower Farmer. You’ll learn how to grow, select and arrange glorious blooms from your own flower patch. Summer has never looked as bright and beautiful!

This workshop is held off-site, within the Walled Garden of Thirsk Hall. The day will kick off with a tour of the Flower Farm by Suzie, owner of Picked at Dawn. She’ll guide you through the beautiful gardens, exploring the seasonal flowers and the buckets bursting with herbs and foliage.

A delightful afternoon of stunning summer hues with Suzie.

This workshop is held at The Walled Garden, Thirsk Hall, Thirsk (1pm – 5pm).

£70; book at astill-life.co.uk


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