There’s a lot to think about when getting your body holiday ready – and if you’re like me, a week or so before your departure date you’ll adopt an appointment list as long as your arm.

A sunshine holiday is about relaxing, retreating and embracing being as natural as possible in a week away from working life. But whether it’s a week by the beach, a sightseeing city break or a sporty adventure in the countryside, you’ll find a wide selection of beauty treatments that will make life easier when living life out of a suitcase.

This time it’s a bank holiday beach break – a break from the beauty regime and a break from the busy schedule. A weekend of carefree, cosmetic-free living.

BEL VISO LVLI’m a natural blonde, so my fair hair means barely-there brows and lashes when it comes to going make-up free. But it’s nothing a bit of tint and a clever product range can’t achieve.

There’s no doubt about it, tint makes a huge difference, but I need more than that – a bit of a lift. I’ve tried the ‘false lash’ trend, but they’re not a friend of mine. I’m forever losing lashes and patching up with mascara. So for low maintenance holiday lashes, I’m keen to try out LVL Lashes – a revolutionary treatment where the eyelashes are individually stretched and enhanced using Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum and a touch of tint, adding length, volume and lift to your natural lashes.

If you want the best results, you need to check in to the right salon. Where better than Stockton’s award-winning ‘English Hair & Beauty Awards’ regional winner 2016 – Bel Viso? The trained Nouveau Lashes technicians offer an honest service with long lasting results and aftercare that will put your mind at rest. The process begins with a consultation to help find which of the three treatments is best suited to the individual. I pop in for a patch test two days prior to my appointment, and with the all clear, I arrive on the day with a warm welcome from my lovely therapist.

Watered, briefed and seated on a comfy treatment bed in the chic salon, we talk holidays and the tricks of the trade as my lashes begin their transformation. Creating an enhanced look, LVL lifts the lashes from the root as they are glued back up and over an eye shield. The Conditioning Serum is then applied and left to soak for ten minutes before the lash tint starts to work its magic, creating a mascara like effect.

I’m amazed with the final result. One of the salon’s Bel Viso Nouveau technicians hands me the mirror and I can’t quite believe my eyes (excuse the pun). “Are you sure you haven’t stuck on extensions?” The treatment is done with ease, the therapists are lovely and the result is long, lovely looking lashes perfect for a low maintenance, makeup free getaway.

I leave the salon feeling like a new me. Totally pampered – but feeling oh-so natural. It’s amazing!

Picking up eyelash compliments left, right and centre, I’d like to thank Bel Viso and their talented team of technicians for introducing me to a fab treatment, a new look and for my larger-than-life lashes!

It’s by far the best, natural treatment I’ve had for a makeup maintenance-free holiday and I’m totally hooked. Fluttering my lashes with my feet up on the beach – I’ve never looked back and I feel this fabulous, fuss-free treatment will be a regular diary-date.