Makeup artist Kitty Kerry created TV presenter Carol Malia’s look for a shoot in Luxe magazine.

Carol is co-presenter of the daily BBC Look North with Jeff Brown, which is the most watched news programme in the North East. 799k people watched the 18:30 bulletin in an average week in 2016 in the North East and Cumbria.  

Photography: Kevin Gibson

Location: Matfen Hall Hotel – matfenhall.com

Makeup: Kitty Kerry – kittymua.co.uk

Clothes: Hobbs, Mint Velvet and Ted Baker, intuMetrocentre – intumetrocentre.co.uk 

Here Kitty gives her pro tips for camera-ready gorgeousness!

Find a primer – they are a real asset for giving makeup staying power but they are all different so try a few to find the right one

Foundation always requires a bit of effort – ask for samples form beauty counters and try them all until you get it right.

Mature skins need light texture foundation – matte finish will gather in the skin’s creases and look ageing.

Invest in a fixing spray – it’s like (a gentle) hairspray for the face and keeps everything in place – very good for big events when you want your makeup to last. I use Urban Decay’s Skindinavia.

Powder is a must but they can be chalky – my favourite is Mac Mineralise which gives a real soft focus effect that softens pores and lines.

On older skin make sure that you use a primer on the eyelids to help eyeshadow stay put without creasing. I like Mac Paintpots.

Brows! Everyone should put something on their brows! A good brow transformation can be like an instant facelift. Find a pencil/brush combo that is your natural colour and gently fill in brows where needed. Keep it natural though.


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