Hang Out

A weekend-perfect brunchy cake stop and with a vintage vibe and cool pedigree, being the food baby of Abbie Atkinson and Kenny Atkinson (he of the House of Tides round the corner). Packed to the brim with hungry, newspaper-reading breakfasters.

Decked out

Shabby chic, muted colours, mis-matched furniture all add up to a warm (very literally) welcome. It’s cosy and friendly. Our perch at the window seat was a fabulous people-watching spot. All human life in the form of stags and hens provided fine entertainment with our coffee!


Good punchy coffee, great choice of teas and plenty of variations on the theme of hot chocolate. We had two Americanos (£2.50).

Food matters

Good variety of options. Breakfast isn’t a rocket science kind of offering, so you always hope that whatever you choose is going to trump something you’d be able to do at home. As well as the nice brunch selection, the cakes are a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful-looking creations.

We ate

We can report that this scrambled egg (a luxey £9.95) was arguably the best we’ve ever tasted (phew). Lovely depth of sunshine yellow colour and lashings of cream and butter upped the ante in terms of richness. It was lovely and runny, smothering a crisp slice of sourdough (two would have been nice though). Alongside, we had a decent tranch of good, sweet smoked salmon. A fine combination. A few nasturtium leaves sprinkled on top added a hint of pepperiness – and looked lovely. On its deep blue floral plate, it was pretty as a picture. Our brunch buddy went for a couple of poached eggs on sourdough (£5.95) with a side of black pudding (£2). Again, arriving on a pretty vintage-style plate, it looked like a combination of quality ingredients you’d expect. The poached eggs were devilishly runny and a very perky yellow. Crumble in the gutsy black pudding and you’ve got something of a breakfast taste sensation. Indulgent but impressive.