Diamond Whites: Home Whitening Kit 2018

If whitening paste or strips don’t work for you, check out Diamond White’s brand new Home Whitening Kit for 2018. The non-peroxide method with the introduction of a new LED light can brighten your smile in as little at 10 minutes.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: “This one take’s a bit of preparation, but once you’ve sussed the kit out, it’s as simple and as effective as it gets when it comes to at-home teeth whitening. Whether you’re wanting to remove tea, coffee or red wine stains, or just want to add a bit of sparkle to your smile, this one is perfect for those long lasting results. The kit comes complete with a colour chart, so you can see exactly how you’ve progressed.”


BUY NOW: Home Whitening Kit, £29.99 at diamondwhites.co.uk

Dr Richard Marques’ Super Strong Teeth Whitening Paste

A 100% natural tooth whitening paste popular amongst celebrities. It’s made with natural ingredients, meaning there’s no nasty chemicals that bleach your teeth.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: “This natural paste has a lovely, minty fragrance and tastes just like a good toothpaste. The result: a gentle bit of brightening that brings with it a bold, confident smile.”


BUY NOW: Dr Richard Marques’ Super Strong Teeth Whitening Paste, £15 at richardjmarques.com

Diamond Whites: Black Edition Paste

At the cheaper end of the scale, this paste is quick and easy to use as part of your morning and evening tooth brushing routine. It’s friendly on the teeth in terms of sensitivity and it tastes good too.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: “After a week of using this product I had visibly brighter teeth. The taste is pleasant enough – similar to ordinary tooth paste. Easy to pop in your toiletry bag for on-the-go teeth-whitening. ”


BUY NOW: Black Edition Paste, £9.99 at diamondwhites.co.uk