It is that time of year again, time to break out of the cocoon of winter and welcome in the new season. Spring isn’t just about the flowers blossoming, it’s also the best time to reinvent your home by clearing out the old and bringing in a fresh new look.

Green – the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 – is the perfect shade for spring, representing refreshment and revitalisation.

With that in mind, here are Anna Grace Davidson’s top interior tips for the new season…


Accessories are a creative yet easy way to alter the the look in any room. Add a new piece of decor to make a statement for the season or keep it simple with understated items. Accessories in bright, colourful shades can add an uplifting energy, but if you’re not too keen on the bolder colours that come with the spring season, why not go for pastels? My favourite, on-trend colours for spring 2017 include Pale Daywood, Pink Yarrow, Hazelnut, Kale and Island Paradise.

Bring The Outside In

Incorporate nature into your home this season by displaying fresh flowers from your garden or local florist. This is an easy and versatile way to brighten up the atmosphere – flowers can liven up any room from the kitchen table and a hallway shelf display to a bathroom cabinet area. Keep an eye on your floral decor, refreshing the water and trimming the stems so that they can last long into the season.


With winter darkness well in the past, we can fully embrace the natural sunlight which I believe truly gives that magical finishing touch to any home design.

Make a the transition from heavy winter curtains and blinds and switch to sheer or linen curtains to let the light shine through. I would recommend going lighter with all of the fabrics in your home including upholstery and bedding, to create that fresh, light and airy feel. If you’re feeling brave, add a bit of fun into your furnishings by using bright tropical print’s for your cushions and bedlinen.

Just as you would change your wardrobe from winter to summer, we need to make a similar change to our homes when spring arrives.


I believe your home should always be a reflection of you. Collect objects that inspire you and display them, whether it is photo frames, vintage mirrors unique pieces from your travels or even books.

I love using a coffee table book of stunning photography as an accessory. Leave it open on a beautiful nature inspired page which you can change often to update the look.