Few of us can say we’ve spent the day up to our wrists in blood and gore – and enjoyed every minute.

For makeup artist Kerry Nicholson, being asked to create a ‘dead prostitute dragged from river’ look is literally all in a day’s work. One she loves.

Welcome to the glamorous world of television. Kerry’s, more often than not, involves early starts, freezing weather, remote locations and the fear that a numb hand won’t even be able grasp a make-up brush. She has worked on location in the North East for dramas such as Vera, Beowulf and the children’s series, Wolfblood which saw her transform teen actors into wolves – teeth, eyes and painted veins.

She is a go-to when a corpse is needed on the post-mortem slab for a crime drama; “a dead body is easy – block out the lip colour and you already look dead”, she informs. By far her grittiest work has been on the series Wire in the Blood, which was made by North East-based Coastal Productions. Kerry was a trainee on set. She decided to train as a makeup artist to do something ‘more creative’ than her post-Uni job as a stockbroker in Scotland.

MAKING UP APPEARANCESThe world of TV wasn’t unfamiliar to her, she is married to TV producer Will Nicholson who has worked on major series like Vera. They live in the Tyne Valley and have two children, Oscar, six and Darcy, four.

Wire in the Blood was a powerful drama –and the makeup team was able to create graphic, realistic ‘gore’ because of its post-watershed timing. She reveals, “You buy in fake blood which is very authentic, then mix it with mashed banana!  Pre-watershed you can’t show blood – a body might be found but they don’t show it – with Wire in the Blood it was pretty gruesome; dragging a body out of the river.”

It’s not always quite so gruesome. Kerry loved working on George Gently for example, a series set in the Sixties and filmed across the region.

“It was great because the attention to detail for the period was fascinating. Great hair and very specific makeup.”

Likewise, for the series Beowulf she would create ‘medieval, dirty sunkissed’ outdoorsy makeup.

Kerry worked on the the recent Bafta-winning film, I, Daniel Blake which was filmed in and around Newcastle. She also worked on the movie Song for Marion with Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp. And when it comes to tears – she helps create happy ones for brides, making them beautiful for their big day.

“One really lovely thing was working with a bride-to-be who had plastic surgery just a few weeks before her wedding. She was bitten by a dog and wanted to be able to hide the scars. It was lovely to be able to help here – you really couldn’t tell.”

Naturally Kerry is a makeup junkie and likes nothing more than spending a few hours in the makeup halls. She will do one-to-one shopping sessions and makeup lessons with clients to help them get out of their makeup rut and try a new look.

MAKING UP APPEARANCESBut she admits to finding the current trend for young girls to use loads of makeup ‘terrifying’.

“I am a bit terrified of the girls in the street who are so young but very made-up. I feel like saying, you’re young and lovely, you just need a bit of lipgloss! “

But she loves her creative new world, whether it’s the bride or the bloodthirsty side of it.

“I have worked on Vera – Brenda Blethyn is admirable as an actress a really lovely person, I’ve done the gritty stuff for Wire in the Blood but one of my favourite things was working on Songs of Praise in Sunderland”, she laughs.

“It was live and I was there in the background as it all happened – there was an adrenaline rush as it went live.

“There’s not that much glamour to the job – I generally spend my my life in thermals in freezing places!”

Kerry’s spring beauty buys

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