Spring-clean your stuff

You’ve heard this before, but it’s always useful to be reminded –  clearing out what’s not needed is great for our wellbeing. When our spaces and places are congested, we unconsciously become burdened. But de-cluttering allows energy to flow with ease. In addition to the obvious things, like cleaning out cupboards, give these things a try…

Sweep your garden, paying particular attention to doorways and paths. Keeping these areas clean and clear lets air and energy flow freely in and out of your home.

Empty out the rubbish from your purse or wallet. Old receipts scream ‘money out’. Put some fresh money back in your purse to attract abundance.

Clean up your tech. Your phone in particular can get ‘weighed down’, so take the time to delete unwanted pictures and emails, remove or update old applications and clear out old numbers.


Spring clean yourself

As well as focusing on cleaning up your environment, now is also a good time to turn your attention to de-cluttering yourself too…

Declutter your mind: Make a list of any things that are bothering you, causing you to feel anxious or fatigued. Once these things are down on paper, burn them (safely) and let their negative vibes drift away

Clean up your insides. Herbal tonics are a traditional way to cleanse the gut and fortify the body. There are many easy recipes online, or if you’re lucky enough to know a herbalist, they can recommend something. When I was small, my mam used to make a ‘spring medicine’ to drink – quite simply lots of citrus fruit soaked in hot water, with some cream of tartar and, if feeling brave, syrup of figs! I can’t vouch for the medicinal benefits of this particular recipe, but it didn’t do me any harm!

Tidy up your outside. Exfoliate, get a haircut, and give yourself a manicure. Energetically, this time is a wonderful window in which to get rid of the bits of you that are no longer needed.

Schedule in space

Right now you’re probably making plans for wonderful things that you’ll do this year – places you’ll go, friends you’ll see, trips and holidays you’ll take. So, before your diary gets overloaded, take a moment to schedule in some ‘space’, such as weekends at home, ‘duvet-days’ and empty evenings. You’ll be so grateful for prioritising this once the social side of spring and summer are in full swing.

Journal your dreams

At this time of year, when the days become longer, dawn tends to coincide with the typical getting up time for many of us, meaning that we can naturally spend more time in the bridge between being asleep and being fully awake – between our unconscious and conscious states. This is a time when our dreams are more vivid and accessible, so we can access them with greater ease and clarity. My own coach has long encouraged me to journal mine as I wake and I’m beginning to use this insight and messaging for gentle guidance in my waking life. This muscle isn’t built overnight – it takes discipline and rhythm to be able to remember dreams and crystallise their significance – so if you give it a go, do persevere – it’s worth it!

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