His plays include, Like a Virgin (which gets studied for GCSE), Dead Fish, Studs and Albert Nobbs. His newly formed Steelworks Theatre Company last year staged his latest play Grow Up Grandad to great acclaim. 

Gordon has also taught and lectured performing arts for over thirty years. Mark Benton, Daniel Casey, Dean John Wilson, Neil Grainger and Jess Daley, are some of the students who have gone on to forge successful careers in the industry. 

Gordon presently writes and teaches privately from his Eaglescliffe home where he lives with his wife Glenda. He has three children, Rebecca, Jack and Hannah and is a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough Football Club.


Obviously my family play a huge part in my life. I have three wonderful children Rebecca, Jack and Hannah of whom I am immensely proud.  My wife Glenda is my soul mate.

And my brother Geoff is my best friend. 


For a weekend > We had a caravan in Cockermouth in the Lake District for many years. At the time, Glenda and I were both teachers so at every opportunity we would head off to our caravan with the children. Indeed, we spent all our summer holidays there. Our Hannah was six when she walked up Scafell Pike.

A long holiday > I can’t remember the last time we did a really long holiday. Our matron of honour at our wedding has lived in Barbados for twenty or so years so I suppose I would like to go and spend some time there. I also went to summer camp in America in New Hampshire for a number of years in my youth and more recently my son followed in my footsteps. Even at this old age, I keep promising myself that one day I will return to Camp Robin Hood (I know) on the banks of Lake Ossipee for one long summer.  Maybe next year!

A treat > I would love to take Glenda to Quebec.  I visited it when I was at camp and keep promising to take her one day.  Maybe next year!

Luxe relax >>

Best food > I love a Sunday roast.  I don’t thing there is a meal that can touch it. 

Best wine > I do like a good Rioja.

Favourite restaurant > Difficult one.  I don’t remember restaurants as much as specific meals or occasions with special memories. Crab sandwiches at the Ship in Low Newton after a walk on the beach or a game of golf at Dunstanburgh is always a bit special and I do enjoy wandering through Yarm for a morning coffee followed by a delicious ice-cream at Sundaes. Oh and of course any food cooked by that wonderful chef Matty Brown is always a joy.

Perfect weekend > With all the family in a rented cottage in the Lake District or on the Northumberland Coast.

Downtime means > Going to watch Middlesbrough with my brother Geoff. My late father had us indoctrinated into the Middlesbrough family when we were very young and we have been obsessed ever since. I had my first season ticket when I was seven years old at Ayresome Park. I can still smell the cigar and pipe smoke that used to fill the South Stand. And I still believe that one day we will win the Premier League. Maybe next year!

Best telly > Without doubt watching the Ryder Cup when Europe trounce the Americans.

Best book I supposes the exuberance of youth is something you tend to lose a bit when you get older but I remember  as a young boy being terribly excited every time I picked up a new Biggles book.

Best sounds The usual I suppose. Hearing my children laugh always warms my heart as does hearing seagulls as you approach the coast and thunderous applause at the end of a play that I have been involved with.

Luxe shop >>

Never been high on my list, shopping. I think the last time I went was to John City and Western in Middlesbrough. Must go back some time. I do love book-shops and can spend hours browsing and looking at books I keep promising to buy.

Best shopping city > I do love Rome, but tend to buy mainly copious amounts of red wine and food.

Favourite shop > My son works at M&S, so I suppose I should say there.

Luxe retail treat > I’d love a new set of Golf Clubs.

Best buy > I recently bought a new printer for my computer that I managed to get online for £99 when all the large retail computer shops I visited were selling it for £199. I love a good bargain.

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > With Glenda and my family sharing good food, drink and laughter.

Perfect party > Our Rebecca’s last birthday party in our back garden was a bit special. She works down in Eton and consequently the local hotels were inundated and our house had bodies strewn everywhere. A great party.

Next party > I would love to host a party and invite Juninho so I could thank him. Maybe next year!

Favourite item of clothing > A pair of shorts. At the first hint of spring, my shorts are dusted down and stay with me until the autumn.

Dinner date > Eating food, drinking wine on a sun-kissed or moonlit terrace over looking the ocean with the Duchess. Heaven. Maybe next month! ‘Glenda, book a holiday!’

Your Luxe things in life >>

I suppose the end of the opening night of a new play (that has worked). The sense of relief is indescribable.