3We do love a cosy cottage, but we also have a soft spot for chic apartments – especially ones with interiors and a colour palette that makes our inner Instagram-addict (and avid Pinterest pinner come to think of it) swoon.

1Set in the heart of Berwick-upon-Tweed, The Apartment is a gorgeous-looking space indeed. A two-bedroom ground floor pad that doubles up as a charming coastal retreat, perfectly positioned between the shops and the shore.

2Kudos to the team of interior designers who spruced this place up – because they’ve created a super stylish space. Interiors-wise, it’s a mix of pure white and neutral colours, with mink shabby-chic furniture, soft textiles and French boudoir-style pieces. The light and airy open-plan design, together with soft and twinkly spot-light lighting, creates a feeling of space and serenity –  just what you need for a relaxing weekend break.

The two bedrooms (one double, one single) continue the cool, laid-back theme with high-quality finishes, with super snug mattresses, throws and Egyptian cotton bedsheets – perfect for cosying up after a day of fresh salty sea air and afternoons spent wandering the town’s lively streets. The living room is also a highlight of ours, with its sumptuous double sofa and armchairs, flat-screen TV and oodles of books.