Hang out

A new little cafe on Westgate Road. Blink and you’ll miss it, so we advise you keep your peepers peeled. Ran by two young chums, it’s devoted to 100% vegan food and everything’s made fresh on site. Go here for simple, plant-based plates, or even just a cuppa on a drizzly afternoon. It’s taking part in Vegan Restaurant Week (January 23-29), so why not take the time to pop in and gobble up some deals. Supporting small new businesses is important and this one deserves a bit of a shout.

Decked out

Very unassuming – and a bit ‘hippy’. We loved that. The floor is spattered with a rainbow of paint colours. All of the furniture is donated and none of it matches (most of it spray-painted). One of the owner’s sisters is in the process of painting the walls, so they’re unfinished. The walls are adorned with local art and bits and pieces. There’s quirkiness everywhere – it’s a cool spot.


Lots of yummy herbal teas and fresh fruit juice. We went for guava, served in a Kilner jar, and a green tea, served in Alice in Wonderland-style china.

Food matters

It’s a place for healthy, light bites and brunchy dishes and some neat desserts. The blackboard menu changes daily, but a few fixtures include toasties, made with oozy vegan cheese, sourdough toast with homemade marmalade and things like ‘superfood cookies’. On this particular day we spied a plate of homemade vegan-style custard creams and bourbon tiffin – both vegan, but still naughty. Prices are eye-wateringly cheap. Great if you’re feeling the pinch this January.

We ate

We only had an hour or so to spare, so we went for something light and easy – a falafel and hummus wrap with salad. The plate arrived colourful and deliciously fragrant. The meat-free falafel was soft and earthy, with a mild spicy kick. Lots of lovely herby spices in there and nice and crunchy on the outside for extra bite. The hummus was smooth and nutty, just as it should be, and added great texture. We were happy to have been served a seeded, wholemeal wrap – tastier (and better for you) than the white fajita-style you find in the shops. The salad was fresh and zingy thanks to a little slug of balsamic dressing and a sprinkling of what looked – and tasted – like crunchy dried onions (though we could be wrong!). For sweets, we had to try a superfood cookie – which the guys warmed up for us. Packed with oats, banana, berries, nuts and seeds, you wouldn’t exactly call them indulgent, but as far as satisfying a sweet tooth, they do the job. Pair with a coffee and enjoy.