When a new year turns we tend to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Often we’re faced with the aftermath of a heavy party season; dehydrated skin which is desperate for a drink (ideally not gin), sagging jowls and party-induced laughter lines.

Effective action is required to re-boot the skin, give a glow and get you prepped for that half term skiing break!

The smoothing solutions of stuff like Botox aren’t for everyone. Something with similar effects and incorporating a skin revitalisation therapy needs to tick the box for the needle-averse.

And its name? Skeyndor Mesotherapy. Sounds techy, yes. But basically it means ‘filling in the gaps’. The treatment and the products used work to plump out lines for a smoother skin finish.

These can be lines on the face, the hands, even the stomach. Forehead and jowl lines are obvious contenders but it is also used to tame stretch marks or even act as a non-invasive tummy tuck.

We head for the treatment at the Saks Beauty Salon in Gosforth High Street. How it’s explained in easy-speak is that you imagine the skin cells as a brick wall – there’s grouting in between which holds a wall steady – once that starts to crumble then the bricks start to sag and the wall weakens.

What you need to do is re-build that wall, firm it up and strengthen it again. Doing the trick is Hyaluronic Acid which gets to cell level to smooth and firm lines and wrinkles. Smoothing devices are used to pass current into the skin at different depths to which lead to a noticeable lifting sensation.

TIME TO FILL?You begin with a hyper-efficient skin analysis with results analysed and recorded on an iPad chart right in front of you. This is then emailed to you so you can see the changes as you have a series of treatments and whether they improve. A probe is places on the skin and this records hydration, wrinkles, pores acne and spots.

It tells me my skin needs moisture, retains less fluid and is less elastic – therefore likely to develop wrinkles. Not what you want to hear.

The treatment that follows this analysis works on the basis that effecting plumping ingredients are delivered straight into the mesoderm — the middle layer of the skin — using electric pulses.

This needle-free option puts ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin deep into the skin using a wand that emits electric pulses, to deeply hydrate and plump the skin.

It starts with a cleanse and a gentle peel to unclog my pores, then it’s time to get the big guns in – the probes with a gentle current that penetrates the skin, meaning the active ingredients go in deep (that grout in the walls!) .

Two different sizes of probe are used. One has a tiny surface area – like a 5p piece – and this delivers the mesofiller to the deepest level. Another head is attached to the probe – about the size of a £2 coin and this adds in a corrective serum.

They pulse the skin sending gentle currents in – if you’ve got a mouth full of fillings you’ll feel a metallic tingle, but there’s nothing unpleasant, in fact it’s a deeply relaxing treatment.

The result is a definite and noticeable instant lift. Skin feels smooth and looks perky and bright. It’s a good one for instant rejuvenation and brightening – great for a one-off special occasion or for lasting lift if you have a course of six treatments. Non-invasive but still effective.

You can also buy treatment products to use at home afterwards and maintain the treatment process.

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