Every time I go back to my previous edits, I find that almost always the looks will be the polar opposite of each other. There will be one slightly stronger, edgier and darker look and then there will be a more demure and softer spin. 

This has made me wonder, who is my target audience? Are both looks for the same person or as women do we tend to stick with what we know and are comfortable with? 

Many stylist will say, “they love helping their clients feel good about themselves” but does that mean the client should have a wardrobe that mirrors the same look day-in-day-out and season after season so long as they don’t have to step out of their comfort zone?

I believe not. 

While we may know what works for us, in fashion it is important to experiment and have fun because feeling ‘safe and presentable’ does not have them buzz to it as ‘feeling empowered and able to slay a look’. Though our personal habits and personalities will determine how far we are willing to go, there is no reason why we cannot try a different approach to how we want to present ourselves to the world.

Happy Weekend!

Varsha Sehgal is owner of luxury jewellery and lifestyle brand, Aaish, and runs her own fashion blog


Edit 1

This is my rocking and rolling girl at it again! She is a go-getter, fierce and isn’t afraid to show it. Pair the look with black nail varnish and a messy bun and the sassy in you is set to go!

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Edit 2

This is the perfectionist. She loves her retro colours, prefers to play it safe but still has her fun. The pleated faux leather skirt is very “proper” but with a slight edge and the cute micro baguette and patent high heels are delicious!

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