Insight in to our own needs is the key to having those needs met. The festive season can appear suddenly out of nowhere and hijack us, without our full consent, so before this happens, take some time to consider the following: what kind of festive season do you want to have? How do you want to feel during this time? If you could choose to spend these weeks in any way possible, what would that be? Opening up some awareness of this will help you get closer to making it happen.

And exercise them!

One of my favourite teachers, Brene Brown, says ‘choose discomfort over resentment’, which really means, ‘don’t say yes when you mean no and then regret it later’. We can be all over each other throughout the festive season, wanting to squeeze in catch ups ‘before the year is over’ and saying yes to every invitation going for fear of missing out. Over recent years I’ve learned to exercise more discretion, so if I don’t want to go, I say no and if I’m ready to leave I leave, despite the complaints I may get. This is about valuing your own needs as much as everyone else’s. Ask yourself, how can you be kind to yourself in this season of goodwill?

Take the time to ground in nature

This time of year can be saturated with unfamiliar, less natural things – flashing lights, central heating on full blast and Christmas music everywhere you go. This can overwhelm our bodies and nervous system and impact our emotional state, hence why we often experience a ‘hangover’ in the New Year. Nature always heals us, but especially so at this time of year when it provides an important counterbalance to the frenzy around us. Try connecting with it as often as possible in simple ways – get outside, walk the dog with your other half, play with the kids, have breakfast in the fresh air, play in the snow, watch the birds, pick some winter flowers.

Remember to value to the simple things.

Combine champagne, cocktails and canapés at glitzy parties with a few gentle evenings at home. Take a lazy bath, wear cotton and cashmere socks, eat cheese on toast and drink tea in front of the fire. Think of these mini ‘pauses’ as deep breaths and a chance to celebrate with yourself.

Protect your space

At this time of year, you’re likely to have people in your home, or you’ll be in theirs – and this mix of energy can be heavy. Protecting your space is critical to ensuring you maintain healthy energy levels, so burn some white sage, nice incense or a beautiful candle in the space you’re in to ‘clear’ the energy. You can do this before bed, when you wake up or whenever the space feels congested. Take a bath, even if you don’t really need one – thirty minutes behind a locked door works wonders for the soul! Also, remember to keep your bedroom sacred, so you have a safe space to retreat to at the end of the day.

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