The brainchild of founder Stephanie Milburn, Bcharmd is a brand all about glamour and opulence and its new Newcastle-based store, found in the city’s breathtaking Central Arcade alongside other top brands such as Space NK and Cath Kidston, is a place that oozes the two effortlessly.

charm5Inspired by New York and Parisian boutiques, founder Stephanie Milburn envisaged a store that complimented the timeless beauty of the arcade while capturing the luxury and individuality of the brand.

Stephanie’s sweeping success comes on the back of her bespoke jewellery and accessories range which features necklaces, bracelets and some of the most stunning scarves you’re likely to find in the city.

However, it’s the designer’s love for semi-precious stones that’s moulded the unique identity of the brand.

“I love to work with semi-precious stones,” she says. “Their natural beauty is so alluring; certain stones have their own markings and colourings so that no two stones are alike. When put together and designed into an item of jewellery, I really feel like I’ve created a piece of luxury.”

The new store is swathed in metallic golden hues and mirrored walls create shimmer from the reflective surfaces, all of which make for a glittering shopping experience.

Exquisite statement and classic pieces occupy the brand’s autumn/winter range. Elegantly layered, warm brown Smokey Quartz necklaces are on show, including the delicate Luxe necklace (we love the name) for £78.

For those who prefer a touch of frost, there are cool-toned pieces inspired by ice capped mountains, including the agate Poolside ice white necklace, £40, that capture the elements of winter beautifully.

A range of scarves can also be found, including the super-luxurious hand-beaded Grace scarf, £125), adorned with silver beads.

charm3Stephanie’s luxe things in life

Harrods, London. I could spend all day browsing.

Louis Vuitton, because of the timeless style and quality. My Louis Vuitton tote goes everywhere with me.

On the rare occasion I take a break, I’d have to say Dubai.

Aqua in Hong Kong. It does amazing food and has a very chic vibe, as well as spectacular views.

Fashion ‘must’?
My cashmere coat. My style is classic and I love luxurious and comfortable fabrics. I like projecting a timeless and chic exterior, but with a polished, contemporary interior – much like a New York luxury store.