Friday night – gladrags or sofa? 
I have a party of my own! This year, it’ll be the day before Christmas Eve and I’ll be on the look-out to make sure the kids are all behaving before Santa arrives. I hide everywhere – from the top of the Christmas tree, to inside the kitchen cupboards and the sugar bowl!

A super Saturday?
Me and the elves get up to no good throughout December, but Christmas Eve is particularly fun. We like to roam the houses and play as many last tricks on the little ones as we can, without them catching us. We once filled a kid’s bath and sink with mini marshmallows. And we love to teepee people’s trees!

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
I love working for Santa, but I’m hoping to have some time off next year to get away from the North Pole. A summer holiday to Vegas with the boy elves would be fun – I’m sure there’s lots of mischief to be had here!

Memorable mini-break?
When the reindeer flew a gang of us over to the South Pole for a bit of snowboarding. Going south is rare for us North Pole natives, but we fancied a bit of a change. Santa took us skiing in Verbier one year, too, which was loads of fun. Great weather – really chilly!

Sunday best?
This year, the rest of the elves and I will be relaxing with Santa, Mrs Claus and the rest of our festive family. Sneaking about people’s homes is a tiresome job, so by the end of the month we love nothing more than hanging up our hats, putting our little feet up and enjoying well-deserved some elf-time!