Anyone who has helped me in my life and career. My mother, my uncle who told me to get off my butt and make something of myself and of course all my fans – one of the things that’s so important to me about my UK fans is their loyalty. My British fans have been there for me through ups, downs – regardless of WHAT the situation has been.


For a weekend > I love going home for the weekend. Spending time in Mississippi to visit my Mom and sharing real family time with my brothers and sisters.

A long holiday > When I have the time I love to take a long holiday anywhere in the Caribbean, where the sun shines all day long, the water is real blue and the sand white. You can chill and have some real me time.

Luxe relax >>

Best food > Caribbean, I love the spices and flavours.

Best wine > I don’t drink wine I like a Guinness or a nice single malt.

Best restaurant > Any good Caribbean ones!

Perfect weekend > At home relaxing watching the news or American football.

Downtime means > Catching up on sleep and trying to relax and rest my voice. Taking a walk along the Mississippi – and when in London I love a stroll around Hyde Park.

Best telly > I watch a lot of news channels and mainly sports, but I also like The Chase when I am in the UK. Keeps me on my toes and I love to see if I can get the answers to the questions right before the chaser!

Best theatre > I have played at so many theatres around the world, very hard to choose one.

Best book > My upcoming autobiography, it’s going to be sensational!

Best sounds > Fans singing along and cheering at the live shows, for me there’s no greater feeling. I sure also love the comfortable sounds of R&B/swing and man I sure love to get funky. But I also like a bit of rock! Stuff like Billy Squier and Def Leppard!

Luxe SHOP >>

Best shopping city > Love the UK and especially shopping in London. There are just so many options to choose. Looking forward to seeing Newcastle as I heard there’s some cool shopping to be done.

Favourite shop > I like to go to many different shops, difficult to choose just one – but I like to take a stroll around Harrods when in London. It’s just great to people watch even without the shopping. But better still I love to visit the markets around Camden and Spitalfields where there are some great ingredients for Caribbean food. Love the noise and atmosphere.

Best dress > Any suit I wore in the 80s and 90s, man those shoulder pads were the bomb! I loved them and they made me feel so goooooooood.

Luxe retail treat > When chilling I love to just wear jeans and a sweat top but I do like a nice tailored suit for on stage. A crisp white shirt something like Boss or Abercrombie.

Best buy > Abercrombie Shirts I bought in Savile Row just love they are so English. I got a couple of them – they’re all in white but so comfortable.

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > Ha man, I had too many of those to even think of picking one, and I probably can’t remember the best ones! I’m so lucky to have been able to have so many good parties. But for me really some great evenings with my family back in Mississippi. Mom’s cooking and we all having a singalong together.

Perfect party > Every show I do is a party, so as long as my fans keep wanting me to, then I will keep partying! I’ve got so many happy memories of being on stage and partying with my fans.

Best outfit > I love to lounge around in my tracksuit bottoms and t shirt when not working. For work I love a nice tailored suit.

Dinner date > my wife Cynthia would be my dinner date. I love to have some special time when there are just the two of us. When in London love to pop into The Jerk Hut.

Your Luxe thingS in life >>

My big TV! Just love to chill and relax in my trackies in front of the telly!